Unreal Engine 3 not Dead Yet

This Gameplayer article analyses the recent deal between EA and Unreal Engine 3 in attempt to determine what it means for both parties, and what games are likely to make use of it.

"However, today EA and Epic Games announced that they have expanded their licensing agreement for Unreal Engine 3 to incorporate a further five as yet unannounced titles. So what does this mean? We can think of a four possible scenarios…"

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chaosatom3333848d ago

when they acquire take-two, they will even make rockstar use unreal engine.
Atleast they are still lots of other good companies that i can rely on for games.

Bazookajoe_833848d ago

I can only think of one, they make a shltload of crappy games...

SlappingOysters3848d ago

i would be totally with you on that if it wasn't for the fact that I loved Skate.

Bad Company Beta is good too... shame we'll have to boycott that game.

Bazookajoe_833848d ago

But a blind man can hit a bullseye if he trie enough times ;-)

Jamegohanssj53848d ago

The Unreal Engine 3 needs to be dead. It looks like sh*t.

The Genius has spoken.

Fishy Fingers3848d ago

UE is the best looking multiplatform Engine there is.

The Closing3848d ago

Skate was good, and Dead Space looks like a promising rental, but holy sh*t did Army of Two turn out to be garbage, and a sequel would not be appreciated in my book.

yanikins1113848d ago

That some games running UE3 look fantastic (Gears, im looking at you) and then we have well....umm...uhh.... turok and turning point? If its the same engine shouldnt they all look atleast decent?

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