Gaming Nexus: Battlefield: Bad Company Demo Impressions - 'It's Battlefield goodness but without the keyboard and mouse control'

Gaming Nexus writes: "When Battlefield 2142 debuted two years ago people wondered were DICE would take the franchise next. Having covered the past, present, and future of warfare, the franchise could either go further into the future or DICE could re-boot the franchise. With Battlefield:Bad Company, DICE has decided to take the second option and for the most part it they've made the right decision.

I've been playing the online multiplayer demo on Xbox Live on and off for the last week or so and these impressions are based on about seven hours of total gameplay. After my time with the game I've come away with mixed but mostly positive feelings for the game. I've been a huge fan of the Battlefield franchise since the Battlefield 1942 demo and being so close to a franchise for so long makes it hard to accept changes. Up front I do have to say that I'm terribly disappointed that the game isn't coming to the PC as that's really were I learned to love the game. I know there's a better market for console shooters right now but it does feel odd playing a Battlefield game with an Xbox 360 controller and not a keyboard and mouse."

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