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Don't pass this game up. It's definitely at least worth a rental and then you can determine if it's a keeper or not... It's a simple, fun game. It plays very similarly to Gears of War, but has its own unique touch.

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monkfish5645d ago

i picked a copy of this up for the 360 and im about halfway through and am enjoying it. Its grown on me quite a bit and although i think the reviews mention some fair points i would say its still worth a purchase if you accept that its not the longest game nor the best told story. In otherwords if you can only afford 1 game a month then perhaps purchase something else. But if like me you were looking for a stop gap title till gta4(or you find this for the right price) then give it a go. Graphics are its plus point and it looks brilliant on my 42" lcd via hdmi. The only thing that puts me of it is the games stated times to completion with reviewers saying around 10 hours which for me is too short. Theres been to many short games on all consoles this generation and i dont think its so much a hardware issue as people trying to get a sale with the minimum game length they can. i would give it 7.5 out of ten... thats if my comments counted for anything lol.


Five of the Best: PlayStation 3 Hidden Gems

Chris Needham writes: "With the launch of both the PS4 and the Xbox One now a fading memory, the current generation of gaming consoles has well and truly established itself, with games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Batman: Arkham Knight and, of course, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, all justifiably taking the limelight. Here at Power Up Gaming, however, we’re not so keen to let go of the past. Originally starting out our coverage as primarily a retro games outlet, we take great pleasure in revelling in the titles of yesteryear."

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FallenAngel19842937d ago

Bulletstorm, Folklore, and 3D Dot Heroes are just a few of the great hidden gems on PS3


Last Chance to Play: Dark Sector

"ZL: Before we knew of the Xbox 360, or anything concrete about the PlayStation 3, we had heard the name Dark Sector. This was a time when what would become the Wii was known only as the mysterious “Revolution.” The 7th Generation of video game consoles hadn’t even begun and we already received a taste of what was on the horizon with a video released by Digital Extremes."

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maktastyre3116d ago

Great article. Great game. Man I wish they'd make a sequel or just re release it or something.


Warframe dev on Dark Sector, “publishers thought 'Deus Ex' & didn’t want to fund it”

OPM: Digital Extremes’ game director Steve Sinclair has, “lifted the kimono” (his words) on the history behind Dark Sector and how publishing pressure took the game away from its original vision. A vision that the set to return with the free-to-play Warframe on PS4.

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Sevir3608d ago

That's interesting, They approached Sony with ideas several times, since they are independent, I wished Sony would have published one of their ideas as an exclusive! I loved Dark Sector, even the original concept of the game! Going to see about Warframe at launch.