The Order: 1886 - Used Games, Ready at Dawn, and GameStop's Survival

IGN discusses where the industry is headed when devs are arguing with retailers in stores.

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EXVirtual3468d ago

If things continue going like this the western side of the industry is in for a big time crash.

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DraconicPanda3468d ago

the ignorance of these guy.... lets pretend to understand business and sound like a retarded monkey!

MattyG3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Yeah... because they don't know ANYTHING about an industry they work in and around daily.

FarCryLover1823468d ago

Couldn't retailers be like "You won't allow us to sell games and make around $10 or so per game, so we won't sell your console."

MattyG3468d ago

They could, but if all the console makers did this and Gamestop stopped carrying their consoles what would Gamestop sell? Can't sell the games, won't sell the consoles, no profit.

FarCryLover1823468d ago

Well what I meant was for the "digital-only world". In that world Gamestop could just sell online codes.

Fireseed3468d ago

And get it's throat stepped on by Steam, Gamersgate, GOG,.. etc?

lephunk3468d ago

gamestop should just get taxed on each buy-back and sale... like a tax which goes to the developer/publishers for each re-sell...
that way it won't affect the consumer, but only the retail that makes profit from selling used games and taking away sales from Publishers and developers..

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