'GTA IV' Swag Update: My Boss Got Better Stuff Than I Did

MTV writes: "Yesterday, Stephen Totilo and I received special packages from Rockstar.

Joy! It was "GTA IV" swag.

But when we discussed the loot, we were surprised that we received different items.

His package included a large "Swingers" baseball jersey (with the number four emblazoned on the back), a "Swingers" ball cap, a license plate with "N1K0? on it, foam fingers in "Shocker" mode (try explaining that to Totilo), a mousepad and two "GTA IV" stickers (one the size of my hand, the other bigger than my face).

Meanwhile, I received a small "GTA IV" sticker, the foam fingers and an XL "Burger Shot" T-shirt."

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Neurotoxin3844d ago

"We`ll Give you loads of free stuff if you score our game Higher"


"HALO 3"

.....Although i`m fairly sure GTA will do it on actual game Merit.

socomnick3843d ago

lol dude halo 3 deserved the scores it got. Sure the Graphics were not the best in the world but halo3 had so many revolutionary features that more games should emulate. Website stat tracking, Replay feature, Taking screen shots and then uploading it on, 4 player co-op, etc.

k2d3844d ago

I think I'm gonna be sick! And GTA, off all games.. :(