IGN Game Scoop: Why Gamers Hate Free-to-Play

Exploring why we recoil when given a game for "free."

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DragonKnight3466d ago

No one hates anything free unless history has shown that free comes at the cost of something else. Free games are free games, but if they are free because of reduced quality, stripped down content that creates a pay to win gameplay style, or some other pay wall; then that's what he hate.

cleft53466d ago

I like free to play, Warframe is free to play and it is one of my favorite games. If I had a better PC I would play a lot more free to play games.

BiggCMan3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Yet everyone is praising Sony for bringing all these free to play games to PS4?? Make up your minds people. First of all, I ask anyone here to play Warframe, and tell me then you hate free to play.

That game is the most fun I've had with ANY game, in a long time, and you will see this once it hits on PS4. I have put only 10 dollars into the game, which I haven't even used yet, it's just sitting there in my currency.

You can get EVERYTHING in the entire game, so long as you play it enough to do so, and you never need to spend a single cent.

Also, the game has more in it, than most 60 AAA titles of today. I have 70 hours into my account, and have barely unlocked all the characters and weapons. It has EXTREMELY high quality...everything. From very beautiful graphics, to stellar melee combat, a very user friendly menu that is easy to connect with friends and strangers with.

This is just one game, out of so many free games on PC, many of which are coming to PS4. People need to stop judging based off a few bad gems.

There are games like Warframe, DC Universe, Planetside 2, APB Reloaded, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, Lord of the Rings, all free games that are of VERY high quality. With more to do in them for free, than a massive amount of 60 dollar titles.

slyleo20013465d ago

I Get what you are saying but just like AAA games not all of them are Gems like the ones you mentioned.

One issue I have with the free 2 play personally is I find it hard to get invested into them when I already have a backlog of games i paid money for.

If the game is fun, and has a great community I will love to play it. Looking forward to Planetside 2 on the ps4(maybe it will change my mind on the free to play model)

3466d ago
Kevlar0093466d ago

League of Legends does a good job with the F2P model. While paying money certainly gets you some things faster and cool aesthetics, you get so much free content and interaction with the staff anywayyou don't feel like you're missing anything. While money is the only way to get skins, they are merely for show and to show pride in your Champion. You can spend no money and still feel like you're getting a $60 game

It's when the Devs make you feel bad for not spending money, or make you feel like you're missing out on the full experience if you don't spend moneuy is when we dislike it. When we see "Free to Play" we think "Full fledged game for no cost". But when we feel like we only got a fraction of the game is when we question the meaning

cyclindk3466d ago

My only gripe, Micro transactions need to become Nano transactions. Pennies, instead of dollars, for little items and junk. Maybe dimes and quarters, but only whole dollars for REALLY good stuff. That why I am likely to buy more and stay invested. I can't stand everything being like a dollar or more only.

TrollCraftTales3466d ago

I only hate F2P when they shove Microtransations down your throat. Games like Planet Side 2 are great because they have microtransactions, but they are not shoved down your throat. Also they are not upgrades, they are side grades, making a gun shoot faster but less damage visa versa, or it's camo... If more F2P's were like PS2, I would love F2P...

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