Is the PSP Go!Messenger dying?

From the article:

''The primary features of this service are voice and video chat. The problem however is that very few PSP users actually own the peripherals that allows this. Yes you also have the option of instant messaging but without the not yet released Qwerty keyboard this can be quite a tedious task. I personally like the idea of connecting to PSP users worldwide even if it's only to say "hello" but due to the lack of users owning the proper accessories this service is really losing its potential.''

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Psynapt1k3896d ago

I dont think the only problem is that people don't have the peripherals....the main problem for me is actually trying to find any of my friends online, using the program when I want to talk to them....the only way I can do that is phone them on a mobile phone first to get them to open GoMessenger on the PSP and then talk to them via the internet! Kinda defeats the whole object! You need to have the messenger running in the background most other chat programs work on PC,XBOX360 and PS3 etc....

badz1493896d ago

I just currently using this service and since then been using it with my girlfriend whose staying oversea every night. It's simply an awesome app for psp and the video chat performs better than Yahoo! and I'm using the old psp. I agree that the main problem of the program is we can't run it in the background. I know this is the matter of limited memory of the system itself but still I hope they can optimize it somehow as this really shows the capability of the PSP as one great handheld!

Thepro3183896d ago

SONY mess up the PSP no putting a ethernet port

Vip3r3896d ago

I can never connect to it. :(