Miles Edgeworth to star in Perfect Prosecutor

Hold it! In a surprise announcement from the latest edition of Famitsu magazine Capcom have revealed a Ace Attorney spin-off dubbed Perfect Prosecutor for the DS. A new law adventure game where you act as prosecutor rather than the defence. You play as Miles Edgeworth from the original Ace Attorney series as you investigate crime scenes looking for inconsistencies and overlooked evidence, using a brand new search and deduction system. The game will also feature Detective Dick Gumshoe as a main character. No release date is known of yet but we will keep you informed.


More details on just what exactly the game is about have emerged. This new law adventure game is not court room simulator like the Ace Attorny, rather it is a point and click adventure game. Evidence, The dialogue and the interface are very much left unchanged, however the core of the game is different.

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BlackIceJoe3934d ago

This is pretty interesting. I now look forward to play this game. Because it will give a nice spin on the Ace Attorney franchise.

Harry1903934d ago

Changes are always welcome.

Obama3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

hmm in the first game Edgeworth would do anything to win, so basically he has little or no moral. It's not until the second game that we see him changed. I assume that he is acting in good faith in this game.

And while Detective Gumshoe is likeable, he is as stupid as a rock, so I really wonder how we suppose to play him.

v1c1ous3934d ago

-prosecute innocent people
-prosecute based on inaccurate evidence
-make defense attorneys have a hella hard time

bloodred_dragon3933d ago

Wow, now this is going to be one interesting game! Maybe Edgy will be able to actually beat Phoenix for once...?