Game Revolution: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

Game Revolution: Let's face it. If you're reading this, you're either a full-blown Final Fantasy VII fanboy who blushes every time Tifa reveals her front side or a person who could live without materia slots, large yellow Chocobo breeding, and effeminate men with steel swords that are long and hard. I, however, sit in the uncomfortable position between the two: a hardened critic whose first RPG was, indeed, FF7. For better or worse, it holds a special place in my gaming heart.

But seeing the FF7 name tarnished by Dirge of Cerberus made me skeptical about Crisis Core. Another action-oriented spin-off (starring a main character named Zack whose fate is foretold in the original) seemed like another unnecessary trip down disaster lane. It feels walking into the theater to watch Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Episodes I and II, and you are already anticipating the tragedies that have to happen for A New Hope to make sense. So how can this ever be good? Well, if Episode III is any indication, Crisis Core is surprisingly strong, with nearly everything that a FF7 fanboy would want, give or take some oddities that might make the common RPG lover cringe."

+ Spectacular cut-scenes and soundtrack
+ Endearing main character
+ Simple and fairly executed story
- Randomized, non-interactive DMW system
- Repetitive missions

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Cyrus3653934d ago

WEll it seems the meta scores so far are agree with you...

SL1M DADDY3934d ago

Sorry, but this review is not representative of my take on the game. I would have given it an A, easily.