Blu-ray Disc drive prices may not fall as quickly as expected, say Taiwan makers

Although international vendors of desktop and notebook PCs, in their road maps of product development to promote Blu-ray Disc (BD), expect ODM/OEM makers to gradually reduce their quotes for BD drives, sources in Taiwan's optical disc drive industry indicated that increased costs for pick-up heads (PUHs) and other components may render the expectations practically impossible.

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MorganX3848d ago

So much for a Blu Xbox anytime soon. Now way MS eats that cost.

Breakfast3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Blu-Box 720 my friend.

@ Below

I know not this year, but we are getting it eventually.

"MS is still tyring to hypnotize people into thinking DDs can replace owning."

They're not hypnotizing no one. They're planting seeds, and there wish is for it to grow. Everyone knows it aint gonna happen any time soon, but with faster internet, and bigger hard drives, it might become a possibility.

Music did it, why not movies?

Baby steps.

MorganX3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Too soon to kill the 360 brand. It would have to be a new 360 SKU. Not going to happen this year, at these prices. MS is still tyring to hyptnotize people into thinking DDs can replace owning. Once they go Blu, that pipe dream is over. They'll hold out until '09. I predict they won't go Blu before Gears 2.

sonarus3848d ago

When Digital distribution does take over, which it will msoft will be reaping huge rewards because they will be far ahead in that technology than sony. Eventually sony will adapt and get on that band wagon as well

Blu ray add on might not come however it would have been nice. HD movies are the best be it blu ray or hd-dvd. I was tempted to buy an hd-dvd player when it hit 90 but contrary to n4g users saying blu ray was dead because fo some magic price point, i knew they would still fail so just saved up my money and bought more blu ray movies instead.

Some users won't be willing to get a ps3 due to some personal conflict but at the end of the day, it is still the best blu ray player. You can probably get a stand alone for less than 400 bucks though but with all the added features, ps3 is still the blu ray to beat.

Bazookajoe_833848d ago

It is possible but not for atleast 30 years. If the majority of people are gonna download movies people are gonna need atleast a 100mb line, wich i doubt will come to the masses any time soon. The reason for needing that fast internet will be because of downloading a bluray movie is gonna take a realy long time, and people are just not patient. And the harddrives they are gonna need to store those movies on is gonna have to be realy realy big. And last but not least people want to have what they bought in hand, what if i wanna give it as a gift, resell it or my hdd crashes...

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toughNAME3848d ago

The final nail in the HD DVD coffin!

Taiwan knows where its at!

Harry1903848d ago

seems to be going very well.

joydestroy3848d ago

all this crap about digital downloads...everyone on here knows it's not gonna happen for quite some time. M$ is fooling themselves and there won't be an Xbox with a blu-ray drive unless M$ feels it's necessary and prices are finally low.

don't see it happening for a hot minute.

feejo3848d ago

The exact opposite will arrive: price will drop soon.

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