Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OS X

The conventional wisdom, that Mac's OS X is superior to Windows Vista, is flat-out wrong. In fact, despite much belief to the contrary, Vista is a superior operating system. Here are five reasons why.

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TheWiseguy3846d ago

worst 5 reasons ever. Steve Jobs, Safer, runs more software???? OSX runs Windows natively...thats too bad for microsoft..makes most of this list entirely moot. P.S. iMacs are pretty damn cheap for what you get, as are macbooks....:(

Amanosenpai3846d ago

Reason 5: Steve Jobs....

OMG i just can imagine 3 options of why he wrote that:

1) No more reasons

2) He is a complete A$$...

3) Bill Gates


PR0F3TA3846d ago

Reason 5 - Steve Jobs "don't give him more money"

oh yeah... Bill really needs it more then Steve, he only has 100 cars and Steve has 200... how unfair of him


MicroDeath SoftStar3846d ago

i got both and i got to say he has a point BUT osx is still better by a mile, reason you may as? well its the sum of all part which really counts and the way osx works and integrates with everything i do is pure awesome compared to anything Microsoft make . Ohh and did i mention that there computers may not be the most powerful but there os runs like greased lighting as long as you have enough ram , you cant say the same for vista

Kakkoii3846d ago

PR0F3TA: Bill Gates may be rich.. But what you don't seem to know is that Bill Gates donates billions of dollars to charities.

So money to Bill Gates is better spent then Money to Steve Jobs.

Kakkoii3845d ago

Lol wow, 7 disagrees?

There must be alot of Bill Gate haters here. Or people think i'm making that up..

I'm not making it up.. Go do some damn searching and you'll find out that Bill Gates does donate a hell of a lot of money to charity regularly.

ChickeyCantor3845d ago

var " P.S. iMacs are pretty damn cheap for what you get, as are macbooks....:(
":Boolean = false;


wallace10003845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

You are right dude. The Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation is the world's largest charity. They started that charity with $126 million of their own money, it is worth about $34 billion now. Not sure why you got so many disagrees.

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MEGANE3846d ago

vista beats windows 3.1

Amanosenpai3846d ago

3.1 was a great OS for its time... Vista NOT

mirroredderorrim3845d ago

I agreed with you. Bill Gates move to complete Philanthropist has put him on another level than Steve Jobs. Gates doesn't work at MS anymore, he only advices him from the info I've read. He also owns shares in the company's stock.

But is he a BIG player in Microsoft anymore? No. He's just a big player in life now. :)

Thoas3846d ago

Vista is a joke and a wanna be Mac Os X Tiger

dktxx23845d ago

How is vista a Os X wannabe? It came out before Os X.

Kaneda3845d ago

OS X released 6 years ago...

Thoas3845d ago

Mac OS X Tiger came out before Vista. Vista came out before Mac Os X Leopard. Do your homework next time before you post.

jackdoe3846d ago

Lol. I've never used OS X, but I have used Vista, and I have to say its stability issues pissed the hell out of me. It is NOT a good OS.

ErcsYou3846d ago

IF vista is so much better than Mac OSX then why are people downgrading there OS to XP and ranting and raving over the internet about all of its major flaws?.... i dont hear anybody crying about MAC osx..

OSX wins because its more "stable"... i havent turned off my mac in over a year " it goes to sleep" and i only reset the system when prompted by a new software freeze's, no problems...on 24/7 with zero issues...can any PC in the world running windows say that?

MicroDeath SoftStar3846d ago

you can do that with windows , just make sure you dont touch it for a year while its on . haha

mirroredderorrim3845d ago

I agree, man. And bubble for hitting home with me, cause I gave away my copy of Vista Ultimate to my g/f.
I'm bound to pick up 3 copies of XP professional since I hear they are discontinuing them soon.

Gondee3845d ago

Because people love to hate it. So many people say bad things about it that the first time somebody gets an error there like "OMG, VISTA, YOU CAUSED MY SOFTWARE TO CRASH" or "OMG, THIS GAME ISNT WORKING"
If the case may be vists fault, wich some times it is. Then it has a reason and it prompts you. When games dont work in vista its the creators fault. NOt slamming them or anything, but its there responsiablty to make stable software to run in the vista enviroment. That ofcourse only goes for newer software.

Im tired of poeple complaing, stuped things like Youtube crashed my firefox, vistas fault.

/vent ( not even gona spell cheak it -_-)

Kakkoii3845d ago

Yeah. XP had a lot of issues just like Vista when it first came out.. But as more updates came, XP grew to be the best OS. People just want perfection right out of the box, Which in reality it should be, before they release an OS.

But that doesn't dispute the fact that it is a good OS, it just needs some upgrades still.

And these days, the internet has become bandwagon central.. As soon as something like.. VISTA SUCKS BLAH BLAH, starts.. People start jumping on the hate Vista wagon and it has a domino effect, making it seem worse then it really is.

It's what happened with HD-DVD. It's sad that this happens.

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