1UP: Power Down - The Most Useless Power-Ups in Videogames

1UP writes: "Since its first substantial addition to the vocabulary of videogames in Super Mario Bros., the power-up has become an unquestioned element of video games. Back in 1985, there was no question as to whether that enigmatically marked block would provide you with something awesome, be it a mushroom, Fire Flower, or the elusive Starman. But over time, the once-pure idea of the power-up was tainted, and as videogames grew more complex, it didn't take long before a plethora in-game of choices led to some power-ups that were marginally helpful at best. In fact, if we look just one year after Super Mario Bros., we see some power-ups that are downright malicious. In Super Mario Bros. 2 (released only in Japan and mostly known in the U.S. as The Lost Levels), the only addition to the roster of items Mario could use was a palette-swapped mushroom that did nothing but bring him closer to death. Rumor has it that a spontaneous-combustion-causing Starman was in the works, but the idea was scrapped due to the limits of the NES' processing power -- thankfully.

Perhaps the most tragic of the power-ups are those that mean well but offer only two things: jack and squat. In a misguided effort to add just one more bullet point to the back of their boxes, many developers take a "kitchen sink" approach to game design by giving the player as many weapons, items, and doodads possible without really evaluating the items' worth. And while variety is the spice of life, these power-ups have all the kick of a bowl of white rice washed down with a Mylanta smoothie. Forget what you know about power-ups -- these are the power-downs. Avoid them like that little floating "P" icon that can only stand for 'the plague.'"

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C_SoL3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

....Nevermind. I kind of skip through that part, sorry. Well, he still looks cool with cigs. I think he would look cooler with cigars.

sonarus3848d ago

Its a joke dude. No need to take it so seriously

What's most disturbing about all of this is that the abundance of lecturing is futile; after all, given Snake's exposure to radioactivity on, oh, just about every one of his missions, one thing is clear: He has cancer

Mr_Kuwabara3848d ago

Big Boss smokes cigars not cigarettes:

Epic Fail (Using the pic as a cigarette example that is)

Call Para-Medic while smoking a cigar and you'll see how much Big Boss gets pissed off by saying that it's bad for him and that cigarettes are the same as cigars.

C_SoL3848d ago

try that. I wish snake could roll up dubies and then trip out on the scenery.

RecSpec3848d ago

The cigarette vs cigar conversation is one of the most memorable in the whole game, right behind Sigint's dream and the cardboard box speech.

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IntelligentAj3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

You've got to be kidding me. I loved the Tanooki suit!!! That was the best in the game. Turning into a stone statue! come on.

Edit: He was spot on about everything else and this was a funny article. We banned Oddjob from our deathmatch modes back in the day.

Skerj3848d ago

The boot was the best in the game followed by the Hammer Bros suit, but after that yeah Tanooki was the man.

IntelligentAj3848d ago

What is this guy talking about!! The cigarette in MGS is a great idea. Why the hate?

Jazzzz3848d ago

Rarely do i actually sit at my pc and laugh at some garbage somebody who is, obviously, bored wrote... however, (and i think this was the intention) this stuff made me laugh, loudly.. twice.

Horny Melon3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

net...oh wait that wasn't the title. I stopped going there When they did a really bad feature/price comparison between the ps3 and 360. Of course the 360 is cheaper when you leave out the wi-fi, HDD and HD- DVD add-on.

RecSpec3848d ago

So one article wrecks a site? Guess that leaves...nothing, huh?

Every site on the web has it's flaws, you shouldn't let a reputation wreck things so bad (except for gamespot, that was just wrong)

Horny Melon3848d ago

by the senior editor that killed it for me.

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