Warframe Dev: PS4 Eliminates Compatibility Issues, Great Option to Switch to for Low-End PC Owners

"Much has been made about how Warframe developer Digital Extremes managed to get the free to play title from PC to PlayStation 4 in a matter of months, thanks to the latter's ease of development. But the question is, does the PlayStation 4 has some kind of edge over the current release? Perhaps some new gameplay and mission types?"

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GraveLord3700d ago

FYI: A low-end PC would be about $400. A PS4 would completely obliterate that in terms of performance.

B-radical3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Get a low end pc wait one year for a last gen gpu buy it got yourself a stew man

Yusm but he was talking about performance

dredgewalker3700d ago

But they would still not have the Sony exclusive games I enjoy as a PS gamer. I play pc games too but console gaming is just as fun.

GraveLord3700d ago

If you're a low-end PC gamer, odds are that you're not a super hardcore PC guy. Making the switch to PS4 will be easy for these people. These people are the ones that don't upgrade their GPU or CPU, ever. They're the ones who got a PC for their birthday/christmas a few years ago and it just happens to play games.(barely)

Azmatik3700d ago

For a decent mobo that supports am3+ ur looking at $120. For 8gb ddr3 ram ur lookin at $60. For just a quad core phenom its aprox $60. For a 750 watt PSU approx $80. Ane a radeon 5850 lets say is another $60. Now that pc includes no wifi no blutooth no blu-ray drive and NO case which we can add another $70 for the case. Now ur trying to tell me that pc i just built is as good as a ps4 lol dream on.

M-M3700d ago


It's scary how accurately you described my situation, have a dual core laptop that I got two years ago as a late Christmas gift and it barely plays game lmfao.

starchild3700d ago

So in other words the PC version on a decent gaming rig is still going to be superior. But we knew that.

The PS4 version will be pretty equivalent to the PC version on highest settings, minus the fact that the PC version can offer higher texture filtering, better anti-aliasing, higher display resolutions and smoother frame-rates.

Still, it should be a great experience either way.

ShinMaster3700d ago

Current low-end PC gamers can UPGRADE to a PS4.
It's cheaper.

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ABizzel13700d ago


These guys have praised the PS4 on several occasions, and I think he meant if you're consistently a low-end PC gamer, then you're better off buying a PS4 instead of upgrading your PC at this point, which is true in most cases outside of the extra benefits and connectivity PC offers.

But if you're looking for a games platform than dollar for dollar there's nothing better than the PS4 in the low - mid range budget (hardware wise at least), and with the ease of porting you can be sure many PC games will find their way to the PS4 and possibly XB1 this generation.

I don't think he's downplaying PS4 just saying it's best for low - mid gaming.

B-radical3700d ago

If you already own a low end budget pc then your better of getting a 400 dollar gpu....unless you want more exclusives

Reverent3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

@B-radical, tell me... Do you expect someone with a low-medium end laptop that happens to play games, to be able to upgrade its GPU? Or, do you expect someone who happens to own a decent desktop PC to upgrade their GPU when odds are, they don't even know what a "GPU" is?

The point of this entire story, is that casual gamers who play games every now and then on their computers, are better off buying a console (the PS4 in this case) because it's a much easier and inexpensive choice than to upgrade their PC.

gamernova3700d ago

Oh so a low end pc is 400? Interesting. Well whatevs. Didn't expect the consoles to be able to compete with pcs anyway. People love to use "optimization" and talk about how games won't take advantage of the beast pc hardware but they forget pc gamers can not only game at resolutions beyond 1080 (quite some time ago and it includes 4k) but pc has its own exclusives. Consoles have their place but if people continue to pin em against pc they will continue to come up short. Especially because pc gamers tend to spend a significant amount of money on hardware.

GraveLord3700d ago

It's not console gamers pitting them up against PCs, its the other way around.

It doesn't matter that PCs can go beyond 1080p, that takes too much power and no reasonably priced rig will be able to game at those resolutions.

gamernova3700d ago

@gravelord That is such a lie! In the current gen, I am not going to lie, PC gamers were picking on you guys a bit. I would see it and they would take advantage of the massive difference. However, console gamers rose up as soon as next gen was revealed and were talking about how thier "optimization" would smash PC graphics and all that good stuff but it was justified. I mean PC gamers did it first, right? Well, then we hear the term "high-end pc". You guys forget about SSDs. You guys forget about resolutions beyond 1080p. You guys also forget about 120hz monitors. 60 fps is old school in the world of PC gamers.

Sure, playing at that resolution can be a tad expensive but that is a high end pc. SSDs in RAID 0 and liquid cooled pc parts.

Then console gamers will tell you "compare to a 400 dollar pc". I call bullshit. Sony is selling the consoles at a loss assuming that you will make up the real cost buying games. What is the loss? I am not sure but it's there. PC parts are not sold at a loss. They are sold as is. However, instead of buying new entire steam library is still compatible :)

insomnium23700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )


My PS3 library is also compatible since I keep my old HW. If you were to use that argument you would have to take the money people get from selling their PS3 into account. It wouldn't be a 400 dollar piece of HW anymore. If you say 400 dollars then you can't use the b/c as an excuse against PS4 right?

gamernova3700d ago

@Insom, well if those people sell their consoles, they lose all of the games they accumulated during this generation. That means the advantage you used of being able to play your library because you were keeping your ps3 is gone. Also, you'd probably be selling the console at a loss too or else no one one buy it and the same goes for the games. And you buy some games for the ps4, right? Since you have no games anymore (for playstation). How much is watch dogs? Shall we assume the same 60? I pre-ordered on PC for 42. This is a common thing on PC. Did I mention untaxed 42? And you say, well, it's just 20 dollars, it is nothing. Those 20 dollars add up like you wouldn't believe. Game after game and year after year. You can definitely sell a loss. Playstation plus fees and all that stuff add up too. The playstation is a low cost option but it is definitely nowhere near cheap. That is all I am saying.

starchild3700d ago

Actually, GraveLord, I see console gamers comparing to and hating on the PC all the time. This is why it is so frustrating for PC gamers and we feel the need to correct the misinformation.

If people have a legitimate preference for consoles, that is fine. But people should be informed with the facts, not base their decision on misinformation.

Personally, I am going to continue gaming on the PC, but I am also going to get a PS4. Those two platforms will cover 95% of the games I will want to play.

Sure, in an ideal world in which I had unlimited money and time I would own all consoles, handhelds and a gaming PC. But I think two platforms is a realistic arrangement for me. Maybe I'll get an XB1 down the line when the price drops and there are more games I want.

DigitalRaptor3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

@ Starchild

Well said. Isn't that the truth.

Misinformation about PC gaming everywhere. But, PC gamers also act as though everyone who games on PC has a high-end rig, which is simply not true. So it goes both ways.

thisismyaccount3699d ago

The PC has its own exclusives ?!... are you talking about Left for Dead and the likes... or the Sims Online ?! Which IP can be >only< played on the PC?

There is nothing, i´v spent past gen on the PC (skipped PS360) and.. there was NOT one FRIGGIN game that you could play only on the PC, apart from Guil Wars 1 that is...

Thanks to this stupid decision of mine, i nearly lost my interest in games. Going back to consoles... (Mass Effect Trilogy, Bioshock "Trilogy", Dragon Age 1, Gw 1, Eq 2, Metro 2033, all the crap Crysis games, Lotro, Max Payne 3, Resident Evil 4 / 5 and soonihs you can see, i´m having a hard time to come up with enough games that i played on the pc, simply don´t remember (all of them can be played on the consoles, period (except MMORPGs)

gamernova3699d ago

@My account, Look at you trying to troll! Lol This is your logic: PC gaming is terrible because there are a lot of games that I can play on it that I can also play on consoles. Dude, aren't those multiplats? Also, you are aware that the PC always gets the best multiplat version, right? Mods, higher possible specs...does any of that ring a bell? Civilization V. Lets not forget also who put minecraft on the map...PC gaming. Sure, xbox tried to rip it off but could you find the mod support on the 360? Hell no. L4D is not a PC exclusive. *sigh* lol I can always go down the list of awesome pc exclusives but I really don't feel like it's necessary :P

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bjmartynhak3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )


And low-end PC owners would also appreciate don't have to worry with install problems, directx, drivers, Windows versions and weird crashes. (For high-end PC owners these little issues I mentioned are usually easily managed).

aquamala3700d ago

a low-end PC gamer probably doesn't want to pay $50 a year to play online

CheexInk3699d ago

Nuff said about what? You realize MMORPGs are only a minute fraction of all the multiplayer games on the PC right? And honestly the trend is towards F2P even with MMORPGs now.

Cmk01213700d ago

a dev whos high on the ps4 compares it to low end PC and its refuted eh? im and xbox guy and that means the xbox one would be an even lower end PC...SHEESH this guy pulls no punches

NewsForge3700d ago

An Ultra low end GPU of 2014 will be stronger than a PS4 + Xbox One combined multiplied by 3. STAY WITH YOU BEASTLY PC'S PEOPLE!!! Consoles are nothing more than a huge step back.

Reverent3700d ago

That's entirely ignorant. I've recently upgraded my PC, and while yes, it's insanely more powerful than what next gen consoles will be, I still plan to buy the PS4 day one, because let's face it... Sony Exclusives.

scott1823700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Why do people "game" in the first place? For the games!! I have never played a game anywhere close to the experience I had with the last of us on my PC. The PS4 will be more than sufficient for Sony's devs to make new amazing experiences. I "game" for the friggin games, and for me Sony always takes it a step forward in that regards.

kingduqc3700d ago

Completely obliterate is quite a strong statement. Considering any 130$ gpu on that low end pc make it the other way around and that's before release.. in 3-4 year from now ps4 will just be dust in the wind when it come to any kind of performance statement.

CheexInk3699d ago

This situation is pretty implausible though. If you're a "low-end" PC gamer then you're probably in that situation for a reason that doesn't take graphics or performance into account. They likely just have a computer as a matter of course and aren't able or have no interest in buying gaming hardware. Either that or they have a small budget but prefer the other perks of the PC platform.

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s8anicslayer3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Last week this guy said "PS4 let's us bring over high end visuals"! and now it's a low end PC alternative? WTF?