Blu-Ray Is Bourgeois. Canadians Unite!

WhatIfGaming writes:

"It all started from an article by the Montreal Gazette, which stated the notoriety of Blu-ray in Canada, and the world in both picture and storage..."

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Breakfast3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

"bourgeoisie" Id like to see any non-Canadian pronounce this word. Only the french and Canadians that went to school.

Its pronounced Bore-jshwaa-zee

LOL, good luck reading my middle word.

I should be a dictionary

Harry1903848d ago

be 'me'. speak french without the funny accent.

Breakfast3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Cant speak french...learned a little in school. I can probably get by, but i havent done it since gr.8

You should
be 'me'. speak English without the funny Canadian accent.

brocool3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

without the "funny" canadian accent?.. How dare you sir

Surfman3848d ago

im a french canadian, from Montreal, and this article is totally stupid. This dude is just furious about the changing technology. Don't believe everything in this. Canadians are going with Blu-Ray like every other people from other countries. Canadians wants HD-TV, so they wants HD-movies, so they go with Blu-Ray.

supremacy3848d ago

man these people sound like the typical cheap bargain garage sale type of person who is and probably was the same type who wish VHS never went away.

why try and stop people from buying a new tech? thats like saying dont buy a new car now cuz there will be another in a year? now how stupid is that?

the world believe or not revolves around money, so business practices are put in place. i mean how else are we ever suppose to move on?

i mean dvd as it currently stand is becoming obsolete, most people are buying HDTV's and call me crazy but i believe this people would want to watch HD content on it? heck even networks are going to be force to switch from the standard now to HD in a year or too, than what?

more whining? man...seriously you guys need to get a life and stop this foolishness its embarrassing. just know the world isn't going to stop spinning cuz you cry for it to stop?

and another format in five years? please i just hope they aren't talking ms bull here, all i know is that blu ray so far has been delivering HD picture in flawless 1080p which most Digital download services don't offer without taking away from the actual picture quality via compression which than becomes the total opposite of true HD.

than there's the poor connections and the memory required to stored these downloads which can cost some people more than others depending where you live, not everyone is well oriented with format or let alone educated. and you cant keep what you pay for, for that im better of with on-deman or dish network or something much quicker and painless.

but ofcourse im a movie goer and i love visuals as i do sound and collect what i buy so.... 5 years? not for me.

but on topic man...these dudes just need to get a life and stop whining about change, change is the way of life nothing ever stays the same. im pretty sure these retards didn't think too fond of dvd in the early days when it was expensive, but now look at them they are praising it like its the be all of all formats lol.

im pretty sure if blu ray were to be as cheap as them regular dvd's this or articles like it wouldn't be popping on here. cheap do love to whine a lot.

believe me i had to hear it from people in the dreamcast vs ps2 days...

anyways its just my opinion.

3848d ago