Is The Fighting Genre Dead?

The Exploding Barrel examines how fighting games have evolved graphically, but not from a game play perspective since their zenith in the early 90's. With the impending release of such genre staples as Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, and Soul Calibur IV, one wonders if all gamers will recieve is a fresh coat of paint and some online modes, and the appeal of these 'remakes' is called into question for newcomers to the genre.

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gamesR4fun3848d ago

just in a long cold sleep

what we need is some new blood I mean so sick of all the same old crud getting regurgitated..

socomnick3848d ago

Wtf is this story serious theres like 4 fighting games coming out this year.Street fighter 4 , Soul Caliber, new tekken, new king of all fighters, Mortal Kombat 8, and im forgetting some.

killtheaquitted3848d ago

The article also implies that the genre is stale so maybe dead in terms of where fighting games used to be and the fact they haven't been improved much over the years with the exception of graphics

consolewar3848d ago

and yes it's struggling.

Asurastrike3848d ago

Fighting games aren't dead. We are just waiting for Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur 4.

gamesR4fun3848d ago

yep so we can play the same old same old with a new coat of paint...

killtheaquitted3848d ago

innovative and quality games is the point of the article, and yes there haven't been much in the fighting genre since the 90's agreed 3.1

CLX3848d ago

Nobody listens to techno!!

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