GamesRadar Exclusive Mafia II screens - How does the crime epic stack up against GTA IV?

GamesRadar writes: "Yesterday we unveiled assorted meaty bits regarding what Mafia II was bringing to the checker-clothed table. So as we continue to squeal details like a yellow rat, how's 'bout some EXCLUSIVE screens of Mafia II's gameplay and environments. We're of the opinion that these mobster muscle-cars are the absolute bee's knees, but gangland gamers should note that they're in for a considerably faster experience than the early-auto era found in the original Mafia."

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alcaponedya3934d ago

but to sum what i've read:
the game’s opening hour is one of the most gripping and cinematic in history

brothersimon3934d ago

I love how this games coming to consoles first..

Summer 09 im buying this!! for my 360 :)