PS4 vs PS3 – the launch line up & first games compared. Has anything changed?

OPM: With PS4′s launch stable of gaming stallions champing at the bit, we cast our minds back to the games that defined the PS3′s launch and first few months to see how far we’ve come. We’ve matched genres and styles like ‘shooter’ or ‘RPG’ so you can contrast and compare the differences.

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Thisguyised2913d ago

Short answer. Yes! Long answer. Hell Yeah!!!

scofios2912d ago

To be honest The ps3 games still looking good compare to the ps4 games.
Especially if you do the same comparison with Ps1 vs ps2 ,or Ps2 vs Ps3

GameSpawn2912d ago


Actually one thing that the screen shots are not giving you is a bigger picture. When you look at the bigger picture of these games you begin to see the difference.

One major upgrade from then to now is draw distance as well as activity on the screen. When you watch videos of all the games being compared (old and new) you'd notice this immediately. Remember this is a 7 year gap we are talking about. Graphics may have only improved marginally (subjective) but the small things you don't notice like collision physics and etc have greatly improved in both quality and quantity.

Another thing I kind of noticed between the FPS screenshots was the finger detail around the guns (much more blocky on the older games).

scofios2912d ago


Your right i know game psychics or draw distance will be much better on the ps4.
I only say that the ps3 games especially games like uc , last of us , still stand tall today compared to transition of ps1 to ps2 .

showtimefolks2913d ago

Yes this time there is no huge learning curve with cell

3rd parties are ready to deliver at launch
1st-2nd party are also bring the heat and promising much more within 1st year

Also this time around we won't have to go through the growing pains of SN start up, now it's a awesome service and PSN play is just an amazing service too

christrules00412912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

You gotta think things are going to be completely backwards this generation. Sony's first party studios are going to have to get used to the regular programming because they are so specialized in the CELL architecture it might take them a bit longer then 3rd party studios to take advantage of the PS4 hardware.

Last gen the first party studios took full advantage of the PS3 when 3rd party developers didn't.

worldwidegaming2912d ago

They most likely went to college and learned about x86 processor programming.
Its cell that was different! If anything they will take a hell of a lot less time.
No more super difficult cell processor. You will see, its going to be all good!

2912d ago
showtimefolks2912d ago

seriously man what's wrong with you? almost every developer learned on X86 chip so now it won't take them long

christrules00412912d ago

For all those people who replied to this comment. 3rd party developers have been optimizing for X86 architecture for the past 7 years while the first party developers have been working on only the CELL architecture.

A good example would be a butterfly goalie learning standup and doing that for 7 years and then all of a sudden expect to turn back into a butterfly goalie and be as good as the goalies that have been doing butterfly for the past 7 years. It takes time to get used to it again. They have to refresh there memories of how to optimize for it. Meanwhile the third party developers have been using those tips and tricks for the past 7 years and already have been stating how easy it is to port it.

Just because you initially learned something one way doesn't mean you keep those skills for life. Yes you can refresh them but that takes time.

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Gazondaily2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

The problem here is, a lot of the games just benefitted from better visuals, which is a given considering this is a new generation of games.

COD: A new engine but what does it really do in terms of material changes to gameplay? Fish A.I doesn't count.

Ratchet vs Knack: Aside from the better visuals and better physics, Knack doesn't look as appealing as Ratchet in terms of gameplay, with its overly simplistic concept.

Rainbow 6 vs Division: This represents a big leap if Ubisoft achieve what they have promised. Whilst R6 looked impressive at the time, the Division is stepping things up massively not only in terms of visuals but in terms of scope with a massively open world, persistent online world, enjoyed together with your mates. This shows how far we've come along.

NFS vs NFS: Aside from visuals, I'm not that impressed. A better comparison would be The Crew vs Test Drive Unlimited how things have really changed.

Resistance vs Killzone: Again, visually, Killzone is a massive step up. In terms of gameplay, we will see but early signs do look promising.

With the exception of a few games, the first few next-gen titles won't truly deliver what we expect from a next-gen experience aside from visuals. That is to be expected as developers get accustomed to the new hardware but right now, with cross-gen hybrids holding back true next-gen, we have to see what next-gen is really about. And that's pretty good considering how mind blowing a lot of games are looking.

Chard2913d ago

Don't underestimate the importance of improved framerates and eliminated screen tear. Not to mention no more awkward sub-hd resolutions.

thezeldadoth2912d ago

pc gaming year 2006. ps4 is only something new for console gamers.

xbox one actually looks to have unique features

wii u has an innovative controller and online system.

ps4 really is nothing unique at all.

2912d ago
isarai2913d ago

Shit's going to get crazy after a year or so

2913d ago
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