IGN: Iron Man Hands-On - Heavy boots of lead... Fills his victims full of dread

IGN writes: "Tony Stark has a lot of problems. The formerly selfish and self-obsessed business tycoon recently decided to become a superhero, he's got issues with the many women he's dating, and someone is trying to steal his advanced technology to shift the balance of power in the world. Oh, and he's starring in a videogame based on both a movie and comic-book property. Talk about the kiss of death! Good news is that SEGA's Iron Man looks likely to buck the trend of bad movie-licensed games and deliver a promising action title.

You play as Iron Man throughout. You won't be running around as Tony Stark making business deals. You're in the suit and the suit is awesome. The trick with making a game about Iron Man is that he has to be able to fight on the ground, hover in the air and fly at the speed of sound. Developer Secret Level managed to merge all three of these elements seamlessly."

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