Nintendo hands-on (p)Wiiview

The Nintendo Wii is arguably the most anticipated gaming console… well, ever. This is a rather odd fact considering that the Wii has so drastically bucked the trend of games console development. Instead of the traditional addition of more brute power to the gaming system, Nintendo have gone for a far more subtle approach, hoping to entice us in with promises of an enhanced gameplay experience that will be delivered through the magical power of the Wii remote.

So, the best/only way for anyone to really tell you what the Wii will be like is someone who has spent some time with the console....
What I do want to do is provide a little realism. Too many journalists are giving out the impression that the Wii will provide an unbelievable, unique experience unlike anything you will have ever played before. That the Wii remote allows for completely dynamic gameplay that will revolutionise the gaming world. These facts are half-truths, based most probably on people spending a small amount of time with the console at a booth at one of the big conventions. When you get down to the nitty gritty of the Wii you find something a bit different from the 360 and PS3, but not drastically as you may have thought/hoped.

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eepiccolo4464d ago

I have to agree with one of the posters on that site, and say that I think the Wii will be like the DS. Everyone said the DS would just be gimmicky, but look how successful it has become. And that's even after it took a bit for the DS to really take off. I believe the same will happen here, except the Wii will be great from the start, and only get better.