American Hardware and Software Chart for Week Ending April 5th, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimate for American hardware and software chart for week Ending April 5th, 2008 is as follows:

Total Hardware: [Last Week #]

Wii: 166,547 (+122%) [74,923]
DSL: 143,579 (+12%) [127,845]
PSP: 87,826 (+14%) [76,839]
PS2: 80,255 (-6%) [85,656]
PS3: 60,074 (-16%) [71,487]
360: 56,539 (-17%) [68,319]

Top 15 Software:

1. Wii Sports (Wii) 166,547 10,258,533
2 Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) 151,645 2,346,010
3 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360) 112,095 3,913,002
4 Wii Play (Wii) 82,172 5,393,349
5 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (360) 79,111 635,607
6 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP) 49,806 271,928
7 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Wii) 43,088 1,876,015
8 Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) 39,801 3,424,959
9 New Super Mario Bros (DS) 36,671 4,262,072
10 Army of Two (360) 36,612 426,149
11 Dark Sector (360) 36,426 110,245
12 More Brain Training (DS) 35,592 1,926,259
13 Pokemon Diamond / Pearl (DS) 31,788 4,819,045
14 Mario Party DS (DS) 30,803 1,035,185
15 God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP) 30,672 317,974

Software Totals: (Last Week Totals)

Wii: 994,309 (928,916)
360: 981,337 (1,152,969)
DSL: 753,922 (721,411)
PS3: 476,176 (559,032)
PSP: 291,507 (483,223)
PS2: - (422,960)

*Note PS2 Software # for this week isn't up.

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TruthBTold3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

considering GTA IV is coming in about 3 weeks we should start seeing the numbers go waaaayy up in the next weeks to come. Should be exciting to see what a game like that will do to console sales. Also how many copies will be sold on the first day, I already have my copy preordered from best buy so Im picking this up first day...I hope.

Edit: I just realized I lost a bubble and I havent commented in days :0^

Breakfast3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago ) shouldve commented.

I dropped a bubble one night, fell asleep and woke up with my normal count.

Edit: lol...i deserved that loss of a bubble, not so sure i deserved the bubble back.

Who cares for the big story, just comment on every topic :).

Edit 2: Oh and by the way, i helped you out a little.

TruthBTold3843d ago

you're right, I remember that did happen to me a while ago and then the next day my bubble came back...maybe tomorrow I will see it again. I havent commented on aything lately cause its been kindof the same news over and over again so nothing new to say that hasnt already been said. Im sure by the end of this month and after we shall see some new exciting things.

TruthBTold3843d ago

Thanks! Bubbles up to you too sir. I have read some of your comments in the past and to me they seemed neutral which shouldnt upset people but then again here you sometimes get disagrees for no reason.

Breakfast3843d ago

Im neutral...up until i want to cause some

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Virtuozius3843d ago

Numbers, soooo manyyyy nuuuumbers(((((

consolewar3843d ago

indeed. Now wait for the pie-chartz

InYourMom3843d ago

has VGChartz been right when compared to NPD?

At least the submitter got it right to put it as a rumor. Still refuse to approve anything from the made up site.

Breakfast3843d ago

lol...i wish i had come up with the idea of pulling numbers out of my ass, and shopping my site around on n4g.

Blademask3843d ago

Last time NPD had the trend right, but the trend really is A or B. Flip a coin. Perhaps they got lucky.....

Kaz Hirai3843d ago

Holy crap! King Kaz hasn't laughed this hard in his whole life!
The DEADBOX 360 is LOOSING in it's only "stronghold"! Nazisoft must be in panic! And right before GTA4!
How does it feel, PIGS? How does it feel to be backing the LOSER of the console wars?
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Sony Soldiers- I can barely contain myself! It's just SO FUNNY!!!!!!


chaosatom3333843d ago

you're the reason, I opened my comment to accept one bubble comments.

Jamaicangmr3843d ago

Agreed this guy is just way too funny. Normally i'd be annoyed by comments such as this but Kaz i'll make an execption for. lol!

TheREALHarryEtTubMan3842d ago

LMAO So f'ing hilarious. I actually laugh out loud... literally... when I read his comments.

green3843d ago

iam finding it hard to believe the COD4 numbers for the 360.What could have caused the spike?it can't be DLC?

Okay just remembered that it's vgchartz.

ikiru33853843d ago

maybe it's the goty edition?

green3843d ago

Did not know that they released a game of the year edition.if so and also coupled with the DLC ,then that will explain the spike.

earwax3843d ago

The game has been on sale the last few weeks for under $50 bucks so the hold outs are buying it