Metal Gear Solid's Raiden Makes Exclusive Appearence

This is just one more reason to buy a ticket to NyCC, New York Comic Con. As an exclusive to NyCC, you will be able to get the exclusive "Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden Stealth Camouflage Version" action figure.

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sonarus3934d ago

Motion to label all titles with potential MGS4 spoilers.

AlterEgo3934d ago

I read an MGS4 article here earlier that said "spoiler free"...and it left me knowing whose grave Snake is saluting in the trailer.


I'm really really really pissed to have found out this far ahead of time.

So I'm avoiding everything MGS4 until 6/12/08

sonarus3934d ago

hahaha sorry. I was actually warned about that. So like i said mark all mgs4 titles with potential spoiler please.

Lord Anubis3934d ago

really, sadly i read how Solid Snake is kept alive. :(

MorganX3934d ago

Interesting but I wouldn't go all the way to New York for that particular figure.

okcomputer3934d ago

lol good idea.. i live in nyc and will probably go to comicon.. maybe i'll pick a few of these up for ebay. I promise not to mark them up too much : )

rushbd3934d ago

I couldnt stop me from reading EVERYTHING

TheHater3934d ago

Well I am going to Comic Con, and hopefully I get a chance to pick one of these baby up :)