Is PC Gaming Really Dead?

From Game Focus Editorial Blog: "I guess nothing screams more "OMG" and "WTF" then the now old debate of Console VS PC gaming. Now before you go out of your house screaming like a headless chicken thinking I'm a blasphemous monkey lover, I am and was for a long time a hardcore PC Gamer."

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killtheaquitted3940d ago

how many times is the exact same article going to be written? You could make a book already from "journalists" who have already written about this. as long as their are PCs there will be pc gaming...nuff said.

VigorousApathy3940d ago

There are still circles, but no one plays Pogs anymore.

VigorousApathy3940d ago

How can PC gaming be dying when it's so obvious that consoles are slowly becoming PCs? The Super Nintendo can't do anything except play the cartridge you give it. Now consoles are practically computers themselves. The only difference is they don't have extra processing power for applications outside the game you're playing. Everything else is a matter of accessory. The PS3 and 360 could easily run Microsoft Word or Photoshop.