Crispy Gamer: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review - A blinding explosion of fan service

Crispy Gamer writes: "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a monument to the worst of Square Enix's vices. The game is a shiny slab of fan service tuned to fill nostalgic neuroreceptors with feel-good jolts of juice. Pull back the curtain, though, and the wizard ain't all he's cracked up to be. Lazy plotting, clichéd characters and dry combat leave little to compel the player. There is one carrot that Square Enix knows they can always dangle in a fix. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is peppered with eye-popping cut scenes. Insane battles portray heroes taking to the sky, their sword-slashes severing the scenery like balsa wood. Summoned monsters reel back into outer space, transforming the moon into a crystal-powered energy cannon just to swat you on the back. Square Enix knows how to mount a CG spectacle like no one else. Like the moments in a Busby Berkeley musical when the top hats tilt and the tap shoes twinkle, the game's animated cut scenes bring with them an incalculable electricity. Thing is, these moments aren't really videogame anymore. They're commercial breaks that a TiVo remote can't do anything to dispel."

What's Hot:
-Insane cut scenes
-Materia could be the best customization system ever
-The sweet buzz of nostalgia

What's Not:
-Silly characters
-Plot driven by a series of cell phone calls
-Style trumps substance

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