Battlefield Bad Company: Focused on destruction... of your wallet?

From Game Focus Editorial Blog: "I'll be talking to you about what a lot of people have been raving mad about since the release of the Battlefield: Bad Company Beta. The news that some weapons will only be open to you if you open your wallet just a bit more."

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ikiru33853939d ago

f&ck that. why should i have to pay for extra when that's supposed to be included in the game already?

consolewar3939d ago

because this is the business we've chosen. No but seriously why not? We created this monster as a community, now we should pay the price.

Amanosenpai3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Agree with u spam...

I mean, DLC is not the end of the world, after all its not a must and improves your experience in long term, BUT its getting OUT of control...

Selling WEPS in a FPS? and they are not even upgrades, they are unlockable (already packed) content.

Whats next EA?, You will need to pay to unlock Ronaldino in FIFA 2009??

003939d ago

now that you said that they'll must likely do it now.