Mitsubishi Debuts New Displays and Laser HDTV Details

Laser based HDTV display technology has been in the works for years, and IGN has been keeping up with the progress made by Arasor and Novalux in commercializing the technology for quite a while. Though final products were initially promised as arriving in 2007, it was at CES 2008 in January that IGN got a look at the first prototype displays based on laser technology manufactured by Mitsubishi.

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C_SoL3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

That TV looks fukin 1 i've seen..

Check out this vid....

Fishy Fingers3934d ago

Yeah! and you can take it off road!

MorganX3934d ago

Maybe this will drive down cost of 120Hz LCDs.

Lord Anubis3934d ago

those tvs were here in silicon valley two years ago and they were suppose to be out last year. I haven't seen one my self but they say they look really good.

meepmoopmeep3934d ago

i bet they'll be uber expensive... at least they'll drive down the price of the current HDTV's
i'm fine with my current one. i'd like to see it in person though.