The Best Characters You've Never Heard of 2 a.k.a. Digibytes Monthly Badasses of Gaming 2

Digibytes writer Christopher Pascarelli, shares his number 2 spot for the monthly badass for August, a classic ninja that took the stealth genre into high levels for the Playstation 1 days way before Solid Snake perfected it.

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ghostrider323469d ago

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven was one of the best games I played on PS2. Rikimaru is awesome.

Lord_Sloth3468d ago

Played Tenchu when it came out waaaay back when in the months before MGS launched. It made me fall in love with stealth games.

Heavenly King3468d ago

Sony should re-buy the Tenchu franchise. I wonder why they sold it to Activision, and why them sold it to From Software.

3468d ago
isarai3468d ago

Who hasn't heard of Rikimaru?! he's fucking awesome! if you never heard of this guy then you cannot be a very big fan of stealth games

Static2123468d ago

@isarai I know who Rikimaru is, I wouldn't put him in my list if I never played any of the games. And the original title of the article is the monthly badasses of gaming, it just that at the fact that I can't post the real title on the main site with out sounding offensive and vulgar.

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