Should Microsoft make an Xbox Wiimote clone?

The video-game world is abuzz over this MTV News report asserting that Microsoft is working on a motion-sensitive Xbox 360 game controller in the style of Nintendo's "Wiimote" controller for its Wii console. Questions have been raised about the story, which relies on a single, anonymous source. MTV defends its reporting in this post. Microsoft is giving the standard line: "It is Microsoft's policy not to comment on rumors or speculation."

Whether or not the report turns out to be true, the other interesting question is, should Microsoft be working on something like this? Or would a motion-sensitive Xbox controller be seen as nothing more than a copycat?

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Fishy Fingers3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

If they want to. Yeah.

What harm can it do them. It would probably sell, that's more important to MS than what Fanboys will say in forums.

Breakfast3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Make it...just as long as it doesnt harm me.

Cant see it selling, but i can see it getting flamed :)

sonarus3872d ago

regardless of how you see it, it will harm you. The same way nintendo has shunned the hard core generation same will happen but no where as bad

Bottom line is with every resource msoft puts into development for this add on, those are less resources for serious games like banjo kazooie 3 e.t.c. On the game front msoft doesn't even has as much resources as nintendo or sony. Sure they have money but they lack devs and development studio.

No matter how you see it, this will be a waste of time and i don't see why waste resources for advertising, marketing and game development on something like this. You may not know that it is affecting you but believe me it is affecting you.

consolewar3872d ago

yes because yes....and well no because no. Carry on fellas.

resistance1003872d ago

I don't think its worth it to be honest.

The Wii has that market wraped up

InYourMom3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

If Wii owners that want to step up in console specs or get that new HD TV and have a console to support it they might bite. But it is about the games and MS need to have games that support the controller that outdo what Nintendo is currently doing. Which is going to be tough when you stack up against the Wii's stable of first party franchises.

Anybody remember all the talk of the Vision Camera for the 360? They released what 2 games that both were bloody awful and stopped supporting it. If they take the same approach here it is as good as dead.

LightningPS33872d ago


Will the WiiMote mess up the real games like Resident Evil 5 or Splinter Cell Convicition?

Like with the PS3, Sixaxis was usually something developers tacked on and wasn't a real factor. It didn't ruin the game but didn't make it better either.

Or do they plan on releasing their own set of games especially to make use to Wiimote? Maybe get the same games that Wii is getting?

lsujester3872d ago

This whole thing looks to me like MS raising their hands and screaming "Me too, me too!" While a new controller might work alright in some instances, I can't see anyone playing Call of Duty with it. What we would likely get with it would be a few game developed specifically for it, most of which would probably be "gimmicky" like a lot of the Wii's offerings, and a few good games with a control scheme tacked on.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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