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Charlie of Xboxer360 writes, "The internet is a mysterious and yet an oh so volatile place; it’s mercurial and the destined home of the wrathful masses. That is to say, the internet is aloof with loud and rude people; it’s a given as people have a voice that extends across the world and a veil of anonymity to protect them. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting, sometimes people turn their hate on them, and given such an amassment of tools to voice that hate, it can hit them from afar.

If you’ve ever dared stray into the online gaming community, you’ll have undoubtedly noticed by now there are a hostile few that spew toxic spit as they hiss and screech profanities. It’s laughable to suggest this kind of behaviour is unique to any one game or genre, but two infamous examples are Call of Duty and League of Legends. Perhaps they’re the games that draw attention because their genres are largely dependent on online multiplayer to function and remain competitive."

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H0RSE1900d ago

Let's play a game...everybody take a drink when someone posts something along the lines of, "if developers made better games, players wouldn't be so mad," and take a shot whenever someone tries to justify the actions in this article, and place the blame elsewhere.

cl19831900d ago

Not enough drinks in the world

zerocrossing1899d ago

Is that what this is about? that's BS!

How about instead we have harsher restrictions for players trash talking and verbally abusing others? But that won't happen and you know why that is? because these companies don't want to restrict a ton of gamers and risk upsetting them and loosing them all as potential future customers.

H0RSE1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

There already is a function - it's called mute/ignore. I know that playing multiplayer shooters on console is like choosing to wade through shit, so I always put my virtual protective clothing on, in the form of party chat. I start a party by myself so I don't have to deal with the drama.

zerocrossing1899d ago


That's not really fixing the problem, it's just ignoring the issue.

We pay the same amount of cash as those degenarats massing up casual online multiplayer, so should we not be also be alowed to enjoy it ourselves?

H0RSE1899d ago

I'm not really seeing your argument here...

First off, if it was ignoring the problem, there would be no way to overcome it. It's not like a troll keeps flapping his lips and there's no way to avoid it. You mute him, he's now a non-issue - it's a direct response to the problem. Now if you want to address why the individual would have the urge to troll in the first place, well that's going to get into a big philosophical discussion.
Also, if you are talking about dealing with in-game behavior/actions rather than voice chat, that is an entirely different matter, and a sensitive one.

So what do you propose? We ban them all so they can't play - sounds a bit unfair, I mean they paid the same amount of money you did, so I guess the other alternative is to create a system that attempts to round-up all the trolls so they can only play (more often than not) with similar players. MS's new reputation system for the X1 is said to do something similar to this, based on community feedback. Not only will it track who has good or bad feedback, but for what reasons, as well as tracking the amount of reports people are making, to attempt to deal with spamming or abusing the system.

Denatsu1899d ago

I think they should have greater choices as to what is being said. MS has ways to file complaints but the choices are to broad. they need more specific choices as to what the player has said.

RedHawkX1899d ago

yeah some people trash talk to much and crap lol but if the game is for 18 plus then it should be cool as long as you arent doing real life threats and stuff or something

AgentSmithPS41899d ago

"Look what I can do!" I can mute and ignore people if they bother me and I'd much rather have it that way instead of having a police state. There are "little hitlers" out there that would ban you for saying "damn". When I'm on the internet I just imagine I'm visiting a mental hospital, sometimes people will yell insults and curse through the little window in their door. If you are extra sensitive you could just disable communication and/or see a psychologist to give you coping strategies.

I wish games like BF4, when you start multiplayer, would give you a choice to be matched up with different types of people like g rated, talkative, teamwork wanted, playing for fun, a-holes, etc.

It seems like the xbone will automatically group you depending on how the community labels you. Do you really think that an angry kid or 'adult' punk that you just destroyed will label you correctly, they might get all their friends to give you a false label and that will effect your fun in game in the future. Good luck in the "troll" server.