Xbox v. X360: Software Sales (Part 2)

BigJon from VG Charts writes:

"Xbox v. X360 Part 2

Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon 1.70
Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon 2 1.29
Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six 3 1.58
Xbox Average 1.52
Tom Clancy: GR Advanced War Fighter 2.13
Tom Clancy: GR Advanced War Fighter 2 1.32
Tom Clancy: Vegas 2.10
360 Average 1.85
Difference 0.33 more on 360"

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VigorousApathy3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Since the sales of games in any series fluctuate wildly this tells us nothing about the console itself.

The first Jak and Daxter game sold over 4 million on the PS2. Then its sequels sold less than 2 million each on the same platform despite progressively improving. Does that mean the PS2 has become a lesser console as time has gone by?

kewlkat0073848d ago

wasn't as good as you thought it was.