Where Have All The Quiz Games Gone?

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"This generation of consoles has been the generation for the rise of online, multiplayer gaming. The vast majority of players, play their games online or have the functionality in place to do so. Last weekend I decided to buck the trend and play a game (Wait for it…Brace yourself...) in local multiplayer with both of us playing on the same Xbox console, in the same room! (Gasp!)"

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iamnsuperman1994d ago

They have gone mobile. Quiz games have a perfect home with mobile devices. Games consoles is an odd fit for them. Quiz games are good for passing time here and there

1994d ago
Miraak82 1994d ago

Just play U dont know jack on FB , its free , best quiz game ive ever played

MWH1994d ago

Call of Duty: Modern Quizfare.

1994d ago