Vista Running 108 Apps Bites Mac OS X Back

The video shows Microsoft Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 running 108 applications at only 30% processor usage, according to Reader Daniel Smith, who sent it to us in response to the picture of Mac OS X Leopard running 150 applications this weekend. His specs are nothing to write home about

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GutZ313940d ago

looks pretty freaking laggy to me, but hey, that doesn't mean its real time.

ruibing3940d ago

It's not really smooth when you consider it's an Intel Quad core with 4GB of RAM.

gamesR4fun3940d ago

lol vista sucks resources like a politician on crack.

Fishy Fingers3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Ahhh... that's great to know, I'm always juggling 100+ app's, aren't you?

Shame it can't deal with just one game at a time.

lol, sorry to sound so bitter.

GutZ313940d ago

Your fingers are so fishy, I'm in love.

MorganX3940d ago

Can't really argue with you fish. I want to, but ... can't.

Boldy3940d ago

I don't think I even have that many applications on my computer.

Fux4Bux3940d ago

I don't really give a damn which can run more at a time. All that matters is running a few applications fast and being functional and easy to use. Vista is pretty much garbage in that regard.

Boldy3940d ago

Really? Have you even tried it? It's working great for me (as long as you get a computer thats capable of running it; got mine for only $900). It really bugs me when people trash something that they have never used, and just go by what this and that person says.

lsujester3940d ago

I haven't had too many problems with Vista, either. I did, however, build a pretty beefy computer. But I do have to say that it does suck up some resources compared to other OS's, but as far as functionality and whatnot, the base stuff isn't really far removed from XP. While Vista does have a few issues, all of the "trash Vista, give us our dream OS" chants are a bit stupid.

As for UAC, though.. I had to disable that crap. I'm capable enough to build a computer, so I don't need or want it double-checking every little thing I do to it.

kewlkat0073940d ago

and I'm sure some are used to it by now. It took XP a while now it's one stable Mofo, just like Win 98 was.

Still impressive for the Hardcore user..tho

I have a love-hate relationship with Vista. I know it will get better, since the pressure I think is on MS now. I hope other competitors push them in whichever way..

I still like my windos

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The story is too old to be commented.