MGO Beta JP Sign up page closed

As many of us may know the Japanese Metal Gear Online Beta premier is upon us. From a tutorial that surfaced on how to go about obtaining a Konami ID as well as a MGO Beta Key code. Due to the accumulative Sign ups from different regions from this tutorial. Konami has blocked any IP that does not originate from Japan. From the original source of the article users are claiming getting an "error page" that states "This product code issue page is service for Japan only." This is by all mean no error. Even if you "fake" your IP address by other means, there still the possibility Konami will block all outside IP not from Japan.

This type of action is not unheard of since Capcom has done it with Monster Hunter Frontier for the PC and Bandai/Namco for Gundam MMO(Which was shut down.) These titles are/were only available for the Japanese market. If you were successful in obtaining a Japanese Beta key code for MGO don't consider yourself lucky just yet. As the schedule date for the Japanese beta download is approaching. That key code might not be valid or become blocked since you're IP address is not a Japanese one. Al tho some people who successfully singed up for Capcom's Monster Hunter Frontier (PC) are still playing to this day and some of the users are not in Japan. So give or take its not 100% guaranteed that you will be blocked or not.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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InYourMom3897d ago

I have my beta code I hope I'm not blocked! When does the beta begin?

NegativeCreepWA3897d ago

You can dl it the 17th. The beta starts the 21st. I cant wait. I never played the first MGO, I've always wanted to see what its like.

Harry1903897d ago

from the trailers i've seen.

PR0F3TA3897d ago

damn... i just got my code less then a week ago. hope it will work, i even have Jap PSN account to make sure

sandip7873897d ago

ive never got into a beta. pleeeease dont do this konami. i neeed to play this game. got the code, just hope they dont IP block

Mr_Kuwabara3897d ago

I got my beta codes from pre-order, you guys should've done the same if you had the chance instead of getting it online.

One of a kind case, nice 20th Anniversary DVD with almost all the trailers released for MGS4 along with a nice explanation of the Snake family all for free. =P

sandip7873897d ago

i live in UK though, they werent even doing one for us so i had to resort to JPN access

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The story is too old to be commented.