Super Mario 3D World Preview - ONM

Super Mario 3D World is the much anticipated 3D Mario for Wii U. Production is being handled by Tokyo EAD, the visionary team behind Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land. And if the initial internet reaction is anything to go by, it is, to quote Obi-Wan, not the 3D Mario you are looking for. Why? Blame familiarity. On the surface - and indeed, in the name - 3D World riffs on a handheld game. A fine handheld game, yes, but not the natural first step in a next-gen journey.

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thomasmiller3004d ago

I cannot wait for this great game!!! the wii u is really kicking it up for the fall season, so many great games coming out!! and this is one I will buy on day one!!

3004d ago
TheEvilWithin3004d ago

Same! Just got Pikmin 3 today and LOVE IT! The HD graphics make the world look like its almost real lol.

I played Super Mario 3D world and its a TON of fun. Can't wait for December.

RedHawkX3004d ago

meh im not impressed im actually a bit tired of mario and nintendos main franchises. ill stick with gta5 and pokemon both games i will get way more game time and my money worth

yugovega3004d ago

when i first sa this mario title, i like most people, thought what a terrible waste. but once i tried it at best buy my mind was blown. it's so much fun and looks alot better then i thought. highly impressed and excited for this one. and dkc:tf look incredible.

3004d ago