Long wait worth it for 'Pikmin 3' | Morning Sun

It's been nearly nine years since we've seen a Pikmin game from Nintendo, and that wait finally ends with the release of "Pikmin 3" for the Wii U. A mix of gorgeous visuals, unique level design and extra content makes this the best Wii U game to date.

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BullyMangler2670d ago

Pikmin 3 not for kids < fact

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Qrphe2670d ago

It's a game that can be enjoyed by all age groups. Kids included.

jcnba282670d ago

I'd like to see you complete a pikmin game lol

fattyuk2670d ago

Never known anything about pikmin,

Whilst it looks cute, I can't believe this is the "flagship" game that is going to have consoles flying off the shelves.

2670d ago