Review: 'Pikmin 3' both delights and frustrates | hollandsentinel

hollandsentinel: "It's a solid, amusing adventure that will please fans of the long-dormant series. But it doesn't bring much new to the franchise, and if you didn't care for "Pikmin" or "Pikmin 2," you won't get much out of this high-definition upgrade."

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BullyMangler2670d ago

heh ha . so far every review ive read they keep saying Pikuhmen 3 is GRIM = not for kids . . . bad assss

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Realplaya2670d ago

SMH After skipping to the closing argument I was like wtf. This review gets a 0.

GoldenElf2670d ago

This guy obviously played the game for 13 seconds, probably at an expo or something. The mission mode alone is worthy of putting this game up there as a modern masterpiece and instant classic. The multiplayer maps are fantastic and while there may be only 12 'Bingo Battle' maps, each play-through yields a slightly different configuration, which ups the ante somewhat.

As for the time limit -- it's a part of the gameplay. Indeed, the main part. This game is about strategy, working within the time limit. It would be kind of boring if you had unlimited time to just explore... what would be the point?

Anyway, troll review.

Nivalis2670d ago

woooowwwww.. delusions..

_QQ_2670d ago

There is a reason why some sites aren't allowed on metacritic.They talk about sc2 and compare it to sc2 when i doubt they have played that either.

kB02670d ago

I don't agree with Review there for troll review.

Grow up:)

Big_Mex2670d ago

2.5/4 why not just go to 5?

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The story is too old to be commented.