FFXIII Report: Worldwide Release, Haeresis XIII, Save System, Gameplay Hours

The FXN Final Fantasy XIII reports and makes sense of the latest news from Square Enix on Final Fantasy XIII. This episode including Square's announcement of Worldwide Release being standard, speculation as to what Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII is, Final Fantasy XIII's Save System, and Gameplay hours.

The FXN crew also heavily discuss all things Crisis Core with the release of the game.

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INehalemEXI3843d ago

WW Release woot I called it back in the day too.

Lucreto3843d ago

Considering that we knew this since E3 this only puts a stamp on it

INehalemEXI3843d ago

Ive been questioning if it really would be released WW simultaneously. This helps to ease my mind. :D

Iamback3843d ago

Guys on that forum are bunch of idiots and fake FF fans. They just use that name and popularity of that brand to promote them selves.
I only listened one episode, one of early ones and in that episode they admitted that they only played one or two games. I remember one of them saying that he never played FF8 and 9 i think it was.Than one saying he never played 10 for ridiculous reasons, etc.
If you are REAL FF fan as there are millions of them in world, than you have to play all games or at least all console games. Not play one or two and then pretend to be "expert" and a "fan". Its complete BS, they are fakers and live on lie.

Kyll3843d ago

Fake FF fans? Grow a brain and don't judge the episode before you listen to it. I'm the one who hasn't played FF8 or 10 out of the 12 games, not "ridiculous reasons" involved. Between us all we've played every game, and that's more than enough. No one is faking anything.

spacetoilet3843d ago

Lamback is right though dude. You can't be putting together a cast, covering FF games if you are not well versed in most of the games. At least the big hitters anyway (FF, FFIV, FFVII, FFX XII etc)

Finalfantasykid3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

The FF games/movies I have played/completed are:


The FF games that I am working on


And I don't think a fake final fantasy fan would have play time for a single play through for FFX at 160hours. And I have something like 120hours on FFXII. I have played FFVII about 10 times, FFVIII about 8 times, FFIX 4 times, FFX 3 times, and FFXII 1 time(but many hours).

Kyll3843d ago

Only one I'm missing on your list is FFX. And we certainly can put together a show when we've all been playing FF for years, following news inside out. Give it a listen before you judge.

Iamback3843d ago

To grow a brain? Dude you should stop. You know i am right, but thats ok no one is asking from you to live what you are doing, but are you right guys to do it? HECK NO! You are not real "aficionados" of FF you just aren't. Giving me excuse that some how combined all of yours gaming experience(all of you that work there) than you might have played all game is like spiting in someones face and than blaming it on makes no sense.
If you were REAL fan then by now you would have played all games or at least console games.No fan will go "Hey new FF is coming out(lets say FF8) but i am not going to play it, for some reason i don't like it. I will wait for next one, damn i am so hard core i even do cosplay!"
You are all fakers, making use of brand popularity. If you are fan prove it, go play FF8 and FF9. Those games are not that bad you know, and i am sure your "honest" and pure fanboyism for Final Fantasy games will push you forward to play and finish them, after all you are all "aficionados".
What a joke!

games4fun3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

so they arent hard core? where the hell is your website dedicated to FF? i think its pretty hardcore to get a group of people together and spend your time making a website dedicated to FF you havent done that yet? your obviously not hardcore to bad your not leet ahahaha

I bet you didnt even play ff1 or ff2 or ff3 or ff4 or ff5 or ff6 if you havent played one of these your obviously not a fan (i have)lol your pathetic

see how stupid that sounds, and dont give me the bs about trying to get popular off of FF, they could easily just make a playstation/or xbox only website and get more hits if they wanted. Also who would make a website for profit off of FF? square-enix pretty much has a blackout on all news except for little tidbits and your giving these guys grief

i've listened to their podcast and most of it to me is boring to listen to but they do get some good information every so often.

@Kyll its fine lamback is obviously being an elitist

by the way lamback people can be fans but not like every single part of what they are a fan of if i like an artist drawings and i dont like one of them i somehow dont get credit for liking everything else?

gambare3843d ago

many FF "fans" are fans since FFVII, but I bet they never played the original FF1 on the NES console.

Marceles3843d ago's nice that you've played FF7, that's actually where alot of people got their love for the series from, but I'd still call you an FF n00b if you've never played at least FF4 or FF6.

I actually started on FF Mystic Quest...the one the Japanese people made because they thought everyone else was too dumb for the real FFs lol, then I went from 2 and beat all of the ones afterwards except 11, then went back and beat the original.

If you've played FF4, FF6, FF7, and've played most of the heart of the series when they were really trying to innovate it. 5 started the job system, so you can thank it for FF Tactics. FF8 was really good, but the jump between FF6 to FF7 was a much bigger jump than FF7 to FF8, so I haven't taken a huge following to 8 as much as the others. FF9 was also pretty good and when they just brought everything back to the Crystal theme, but it still felt like they were juggling ideas around with the series. FF10 was great and I don't know why people hate on it. Maybe it was Tidus's voice? lol I dont know, but the story, gameplay, and of course the graphics were really good and set the bar for PS2's graphics at the time. FF12 was good and felt like it was for people who wanted to use FF11's battle system but never wanted to play 11.

One way to really spot out fake fans are the ones who say "there never was a 4-6", or the ones who think FF2 and FF3 in the US are the real numbers for the series, but never question why it skips to 7.

Finalfantasykid3843d ago

Ya I started out with FFVII, but I am playing down the list because I love to explore the roots of one of the most epic series in gaming. I do have FFIV but I am waiting for SONY to fix the backwards compatability for the 60GB PS3 since at the moment it is practically unplayable. I hear FFIV is one of the best in the series, so I really look forward to playing it.

mephman3843d ago

I think that you're slightly confused. Given that they talk about Final Fantasy for near on 3 hours and have done for 6 episodes, I would hardly say they are "fake fans".

I think the term you're perhaps looking for is that they are not "sad losers" who feel to the need to make sure their knowledge of the entire Final Fantasy universe is second to none so that their virtual ego is satisfied.

Instead they're more modern fans, who are providing a modern service. Surprisingly enough, the website is about Final Fantasy XIII and it deals with currently issues in the Final Fantasy universe, not those in the past. It might also be surprising to note that having knowledge on previous installments doesn't really mean anything to the nature of their website unless it directly relates to current news. For example, if Firion was announced as a new character in Final Fantasy XIII then a little knowledge of Final Fantasy II might be handy, but that is quite unlikely. Having said that, he was just for Dissidia, so who knows.

Somnus3843d ago

How exactly are they fakers? I don't believe they ever claimed to be experts on all games and you don't have to have played them all to be a fan. They own a site that provides information on Final Fantasy XIII. In what way does that require them to have played all the previous ones?

k2d3842d ago

If you have played at least three FF games through and through, and given them full score, you can call yourself an FF-fan.

Me myself, I have played FF6 through 10 skipping FF11 (can't stand MMO's) and am now playing FF12. Not sure if I like the new combat interface though.

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meepmoopmeep3843d ago

world wide release... HOT DOG!!!!

(also, please hire more people and get the VII remake started already)

Iamback3843d ago

Thats nothing new (worldwide release), we knew that for months. And its smartest thing they can do, to be honest.

meepmoopmeep3843d ago

oh, cool, it's new news to me though. but yeah, i hope all games will follow the trend of world wide releases. it's fair for all the gamers that way

vloeistof3843d ago

i did not play all ff games so im not a fan :(

games4fun3843d ago

i know what you mean i played ff1-8,10,12 but i'm missing 11 and i think that FF9 is too kid like with the monkey as the main character i just couldnt stand moving a guy with a tail around everywhere i couldnt take him seriously

Tony240ZT3843d ago

I'm actually playing FFIX right now, and am about 60 hours into it, and have a red chocobo at the moment (reef and mountain climber). Cid just built me a new air ship. Anyways, Zidane is very much like FFXII's Vaan to me. After a while you don't notice the tail being different and it doesn't mess with the story at all. Quina on the other hand is a pretty strange character, but can steal (eat) some pretty cool blue magic stuff.

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