Top 10 Manliest Games

Machine guns with chainsaw attachments, bulging biceps and smash mouth football. Gamedaily present the brain foods of man.

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sonarus3846d ago

lol they mixed up gears of war and god of war pics.

jollygoodchap83846d ago

Manily gamers?

thats a laugh.

PSWe603846d ago

I would have bet my first born that "Super Mario Sunshine" would be on that list

thekingofMA3846d ago

personally, i had tak and the power of the juju

Asurastrike3846d ago

How is God of War not #1?

criticalzero3846d ago

God of War should be at least top 3...also what about Manhunt and GTA..???

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The story is too old to be commented.