OXM Online: Battlefield: Bad Company Multiplayer Beta Preview

OXM Online writes: "The dastardly devils at DICE have played themselves an excellent hand during the development of their latest Battlefield title, subtitled Bad Company. They've been playing up the whole open-level, destructible-world single-player campaign this whole time, somehow managing to successfully manage to make us forget that they had a multiplayer game hiding behind the curtain. A Battlefield multiplayer game.

Having spent a few hours with an Xbox Live beta, the nearly-done Bad Company may have had more emphasis placed on its solo mode than any previous title in the series, but the online side is definitely a Battlefield experience, through and through.

Featuring two maps -- the narrow streets of "Ascension" (better hope Bungie's lawyer doesn't call about that one!) and the huge long road that is "Oasis" -- the beta showcased a single game mode: Gold Rush. One team is tasked with capturing gold reserves scattered throughout the level, while the other must defend. It's a glorified version of what you've seen a million times before (Halo's Assault, Unreal's Bombing Run, etc. etc.), but it's as fun as ever."

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TheDuke773844d ago

You'll need to buy the game twice to get one complete game. THe DLC madness needs to stop, dont let companies sell you incomplete games so you have to buy them twice. $60 for a game is plenty. You shouldnt need to keep paying to keep playing.

boodybandit3844d ago

I am passing on this one because of the DLC EA / Dice are pulling. Not interested. If more devs start pulling this crap I will have to find a new hobby. I am tired of being nickel and dimed to death already but this is taking it too far.

consolewar3844d ago

nickel and dimed you guys to death.

ForTheFallen3844d ago

That wasn't funny.

PMR_213844d ago

this game blows more than a 360 funboy