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‘Dead Rising 3’ zombie abilities and artificial intelligence discussed

One of the new zombie features that have been added in “Dead Rising 3” is increased awareness. If one of them managed to spot you, he or she will scream in order to attract the others to gather to the spot.

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Community2722d ago
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Lord_Sloth2722d ago

But will there be color?

HolyDuck2722d ago

I don't know what you're getting at?

Gritty visual styles are awesome, Last of Us was pretty gritty and washed out, almost similar to what we've seen of Dead Rising 3, apart from Last of Us has the vibrant greens in overgrown areas.

I think your post is just silly in all honesty.

golding892722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

What does color has to do with it?

If the game offers awesome gameplay that really gives a great experience..does it really matter?

I don't get u.

Lord_Sloth2721d ago

I'm just worried is all. I loved the whimsy of DR1 and 2. I just hope DR3 doesn't forget that.

psych2721d ago

Forget the color, I'm more interested in how you ventriloquist the zombies into thinking you're somewhere else using kinect 2.0.

"the enemies are able to operate more as a group instead of a single individual. Players can take advantage of this by setting off a loud noise (like screaming something using the Kinect accessory, for example) in a different direction in order to cause a distraction."

How do you scream in another direction without

A: Alerting the original pack of zombies to your exact location.


B: Alerting new zombies in the direction you "screamed something"

The only I can think of in which this works is the ever watchful eye of Sauron... Err Kinect detecting which way you're facing. Still it should not work that way either.
In every face to face conversation you've ever had you don't turn your back to listen to the other person, you immediately zero in on the source.

Don't get me wrong, I think its cool having the NPC's more interactive with the microphone.

Imagine an Elder Scrolls game (or any game really) where you can talk to the NPC's instead of picking from a list, or give them instructions without going through the menu.

Stuck in a room because Lydia has some obsession with standing in doorways?
"Lydia, get out of the doorway"
"yes, my Thane"

Don't want the morbid tedium of searching dead bodies?
"Lydia, search the corpse"
"yes, my Thane"

Kill an NPC you weren't meant to?
"Lydia, gather the Dragonballs"
"mod not installed, my Thane"