Wii U suffers miserable sales during the last three months, can Pikmin 3 turn the tide?

Nintendo has released their second quarter sales figures for 2013, and they do not make for pleasant reading. Their new flagship console, the Wii U, sold just 160,000 units worldwide from the start of April through the end of June. Compare that to its predecessor, the Wii, which managed to sell 210,000 units and push its worldwide sales total past the 100 million mark.

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gamer422671d ago

A single game can't fix the Wii U's problems, but the line up for the rest of the year might.

bacrec12671d ago

That was what i meant. Its the party starter.

Thatguy-3102671d ago

Only to a certain extent. The only big franchise that helps Nintendo is Mario but even then the console isn't going to reach wii numbers.

ZoidsRaven2671d ago

@dboyc310: No one here said the Wii U would reach wii numbers.

iamnsuperman2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

I don't understand when people assume Nintendo first parties will sell the Wii U (or any of the Nintendo systems). Nintendo first party only sell the systems when the price is right. The same thing sort of happened with the 3DS. They had to drop the price and that allowed the first party games to do their magic. Nintendo need to drop the price and then let their franchises do the work.

ichban2671d ago

^ if you had half a brain in your head you would know 3ds sales increased before the price drop because of software like OOT 3D. Stop being cheap

iamnsuperman2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )


No OOT 3D sold nearly 3 million units by March this year. After it release in June 2011 the 3DS shot up from 4.32 million to 6.68 million (end of September). The price drop on the 12th of August made the numbers go from 6.68 million at the end of september to 15 million (end of December bare in mind christmas here) and has been rising since. There is a bit of an overlap but the price drop definitely had a major impact on sales

2671d ago
iamnsuperman2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )


"And you realize when that happened the 3ds became number 1 in 3 regions right? One of which was japan."

That is irrelevant. You have to bare in mind the 3DS was the only new device on the market which had 6 year old consoles and an ageing DS. You can't ignore the fact that one 3 month period before sales were two million then the next three months (which has a dramatic price drop half a month before) more than doubled the entire 3DS sale numbers. The price drop allowed it to be seen as a steal. Then the software helped after. My original point is Nintendo software doesn't sell hardware if the price is seen as too high (which is relevant to the Wii U)

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Thepcz2671d ago

i was planning on buying a wiiu when pikmin 3 came out. pimin 3 is out now and i still wont buy it.

its simply not enough to justify the price tag. i may wait until zelda wind waker comes out.

the wiiu needs a price drop too.

i think nintendo are just being stubborn and hoping the sales pick up before the resort to a price drop. but i fear they will leave it too late and the wiiu will be beyond recovery.

its practically a flat liner already

Cam9772671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Absolutely not. That game won't even make me want to consider buying a Wii U. There are simply too few exclusives that appeal to me to justify the purchase of the Wii U, so I'll never get one. The PS4, however, has more titles at launch that appeal to me than the Wii U has had in a year - that shows how stale the games are for it, there isn't genre variation on that thing.

Wii U is less than 1 year old and things are looking bad, and that's post next-gen console launch. Things can only get worse...

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