GTA 5 PS Vita Android Release?

Someone has spotted Rockstar Games’ job listing for Android and iOS but sadly it would not be GTA 5 related.

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Derekvinyard132671d ago

Gta is a system seller, I cannot tell you how many people bought a psp for liberty city stories back in the day, I would buy a ps vita without question if they announced a gta for it

CaptCalvin2670d ago

well to be fair a lot of ppl also bought GTALS for reasons other than the fact that its fun.

Benjammin252671d ago

The Vita desperately needs titles like this right now. I lose my crap if GTA: San Andreas Stories or something similar was announced for Vita. Gravity Rush 2 would also make my year. The first is my favourite handheld game of all time.

sdozzo2671d ago

Like my vita but I don't think it could run an open world title like this... smoothly.

dcj05242671d ago

The ps3 has 220mb of VRAM. The VITA has 128. If the PSP can have gta with 4MB then the VITA can with 128. So yes it can handle it.

sdozzo2668d ago

Specs are nice but it doesn't even run Soul Sacrifice perfectly. Nor are the graphics anything to write home about. C'mon. I'm not knocking they system, I'm just saying.

MotherLight2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Apparently you never owned a PSP.

sdozzo2668d ago

No, I didn't own a PSP. I am curious how the other GTAs looked on it though.

Xof2670d ago

Not "like (GTAV), but with some competent programmers handling the port, it could easily handle PS2 open world titles like the three PS2 GTAs, or Dragon Quest VIII, or Shadow of the Collosus.

Problem is, most of the time ports and tossed out to average or less-than-competent development houses.


And, when all is said and done, I'm not a big fan of shooters on the Vita (analog sticks are too small for the precision I feel they need). I'd much rather see a (third-person) melee-centric sandbox game. And a new one.

But unless Sony turns the Vita around (overseas), that's unlikely to happen.

PersonMan2671d ago

Yeah, because the amount of RAM is what makes all the difference.


Xof2670d ago

Sony can always let us download more ram in a firmware update.

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