Fight Night Round 3 Images for PS3

New Fight Night Round 3 Images

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THAMMER14464d ago

This goes to show you what developers with 8 months extra time. EA said the PS3 version would be better. But my 360 version is still good. This is one for the PS3 fan boys to get happy about.

death monk4464d ago

While you are correct that the graphics will be better because of the extra development time, why try to start something with other people. I own a 360 but I can still see that the PS3 will have cool games too. If somebody wants to buy a PS3 for $500 or $600 let them, they will have fun with games just like I am on my 360. Games are meant to be fun, not to start stupid arguments about which system is better.

D R Fz4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

Tham, your being such a fanboy and it's so apparent in every single comment you make. If you don't like the ps3, then why are you constantly commenting negatively on every single ps3 related article? It makes no sense. If you don't like it, stay away from it. Period. And I hope in reality, you're much smarter than your comments because you must realise that you don't by a console because of one game.

death monk4464d ago

I'm not bashing you or anything but the 360 is $400 for Premium. I personally really enjoyed Project Gotham 3, Kameo, and Call of Duty 2. I know COD2 is on PC but mine can't run it. If you like Playstation games better, that is completely cool, a lot of people do. Some people prefer different games. Let's try not to start a stupid argument please.

PS3 Ultimate4464d ago

STFU!!! Your mad because PS3 is WAY better and WILL beat the 3sh1tty!

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Karibu4464d ago

Since when did PS3 games cost 600$?

Gamer134464d ago

But ive played the 360 version so no need of getting this 1 unless they put alot more into example more features etc - but i doudt ill get the ps3 version.


videl4464d ago

looks very cool. the ppl who are crying "but they had more development time" dont have an idea of anything. you can be sure that they developed the xbox360 version as long as the ps3 version.

Anerythristic264464d ago

They had an extra 6 to 7 months to tweek a finished game ! What don't you understand ?

death monk4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

this is the same situation as with Oblivion. think about a normal game. you've got X amount of time to finish the story, character models, environments, etc. now you have a finished game and you decide to make it on another system. all of the old resources are pulled out and the game is ported but you also can concentrate much more time on making the game engine look better. this is the same kind of stuff that was happening when PS2 games were ported to the Xbox. the games were not just looking better because the xbox was more powerful, it was because there was time to make a completed game look better.

THAMMER14464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

I never said the games cost $600.00. The PS3 cost $600.00.
You guys are trying too hard to pick an argument with me. I really do not give a [email protected] if you do not like my post. I gave the game its due props and you get you panties bunched up.
And EA is on record saying that they had extra time for the PS3 version. If you know so much a bout the ps3 why do you not know this?
I'm making it up like I'm looking for a reason to bash the PS3. The development of FN round 3 started at the same time for both consoles. It was supposed to launch with the PS3 March 2006. Since that was delayed the developers had 8 - 9 extra months.
Have you seen the Madden 07 screens for the PS3. They are horrible <<<<< that was true and to piss you oof as well.

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