GTA4 Exclusive Xbox 360 Content: Why Retailers Don't Care

Digital Dreamer writes: "You might be noticing a lot more GTA4 adverts in flyers, websites, and stores of late. You can sometimes see GTA4 plastered on the front pages of some online stores, advertising the game. But I've noticed something. I'm not sure I've seen more than one store, website or flyer that is mentioning that the Xbox 360 version of GTA4 will be getting exclusive content.

Look at these top retailers… No mention of exclusive content for those who choose to buy the Xbox 360 version. No mention of it being the ultimate version for any GTA4 fan. Nothing about only on Xbox 360. Not even a hint of something to come. And then I got to thinking. Why the heck would they advertise the 360 version with episodic content over the PS3 version? Content that the retailers will get a zero cut from? In fact, it's money that the consumer might otherwise spend at their store later down the road. What advantage do stores have by convincing consumers to buy the 360 version when they are there to buy GTA4 regardless? It makes no sense. Why convince people to buy a version that will take away money from the retailer by encouraging them to buy a version that totally skips out the middleman (the store) with content?"

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niall773849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

the only thing to come from MS's $50,000,000 bribe is now fanboys have something to fight about in forums.

I would have tought MS would advertise the hell out of it or we would know what it is.

in the end i dont see the 360 version out selling the ps3 version by any crazy ammount, just the same kind of numbers from other big games on both system

toughNAME3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

But in regards to the article -

Let's be honest here, DLC or not we know which version is better.

deeznuts3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

"No mention of it being the ultimate version for any GTA4 fan."

He didn't get that part right. Having the opportunity to pay more to get more doesn't make it the ultimate version for any GTA4 fan, just those that want more. THose that don't want more, might say the DLC is for suckers.

Regarding the original question of the blog, what do you want the advertiser to say?
"Buy the 360 version. It's the Ultimate Version!*

Ultimate version only applicable to those who purchase additional content directly from Xbox Live. Said content is not known, neither is release date. Xbox Live experience may change during release of additional content, due to heavy traffic."

How's that for an ad?

CrazzyMan3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

GTA fan already would know about DLC.
Ordinary consumer wouldn`t care much about DLC.
Since, we don`t know for 100% what will be DLC and are those side mission worth another 30$ or so.
I don`t know many people willing to pay 60$ for game, and another 30$+30$(maybe less maybe more) for DLC.
120$ for a Game? Then GTA4+MGS4 or GTA4+FFXIII is MY choice. =)
It`s like "OMG x360 version will have DLC!", "So what? What the point to be excited, since nobody know, what will be in that DLC and how good".

Only time will tell, for now it`s very doubtful, questionable thing to be excited for uncertainty.

sonarus3849d ago

LOL. How do we know? Bottom line is as far as we know both versions are the same. Only advantage 360 has is DLC and achievements. To be honest i care more about the achievements than i care about the DLC because until i know what that DLC is i am assuming it is just extra missions that i don't need.

On a pure gameplay stand point they are the same.

toughNAME3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Well we know Live, achievements, rumble etc. And then there's DLC

So gameplay pretty much goes to the 360 version.

Graphics on the other hand we have no idea about. But I'm sure the tinest framerate issue or anti-aliasing problem on either version will be super hot news on N4G.

Watch for MY comment!

EDIT - lol first they were the they're "pretty much" the same?

I have an multiple points which I could bring up, but since you admitted the 360 version has the slight edge...I'll just click "agree" on your comment.

sonarus3849d ago

DS3 is out so you can scratch out rumble. I think psn lets me play online and voice chat with ppl i am playing with(hopefully). Then off course there is hope that GTA4 will have an excellent home space and same "accomplishments" as 360 version so as far as i can see they are still pretty much the same.

kevoncox3849d ago

No need to advertize.
1) 360 users account for about 42% or all software sales.
2) Ps3 users do not.

Retailers know which hand feeds them and I just don't see a need to do it. It's Ms' responsibility. THe reasons I am going to buy a 360 and play this over the ps3 version is due to the controller.

3rd person games control better on the 360 IMHO.
Add that online is team focus and voice chat is a must, i have to go with the userbase that typically use their headsets.

chaosatom3333849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I think you summarized what i was going to say.

Even if the suppossedly xbox version is superior in some sense or another, people Won't care because it's XBOX. There is also a big if.

Also people will look at msgs4 and FFX13 > dlc content.

last thing: rumble is back. And the thing of live and having acheivements. They WEREN'T in ps2, so why would consumer expect it to have in ps3. Ps3 does have online compared to ps2.

ocha843848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

360 + GTA4 = RROD
360 + GTA4 + DLC = ??? explosion???

MJY2K3848d ago

Why are people getting excited about this DLC?

Isn't there a download limit for the Market Place? So the content isn't going to be a massive extra.

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Odion3849d ago

oh look another random blog

CaliGamer3849d ago

Either you didn't read it or you didn't want to acknowledge the good point he brought up. As far as blog post go this one is of a decent quality and worth reading but I guess since it's not pro 360 news it must be garbage.
By the way, when the blog is anti Sony I don't see you complaining, kinda hypocritical of you don't you think??

lodossrage3849d ago

the "random blog" is right.

Look at it this way, if YOU owned a store and you had two versions of the same product coming in, would YOU care about which had something extra and which one didn't?

I'd say no if that question was asked to me if I was a store owner. You want them BOTH sold so that YOU can make money. If you promoted ONE then you'd end up with Back stock and loss of money.

Odion3849d ago

no why I consider this garbage, because it is, he post a bunch of online sites and just jumps to a conclusion he has no insight into the industry he has no idea what MS or Sony are going to do, I could counter by showing you guys the flyer from Europe of the 360 bundle which clearly states that it has content only for the 360 coming.

Also link to me some random blogs that bash the PS3 that are on N4G

SWORDF1SH3849d ago

i agree with odion on this. we are 3 weeks away from the game. sony jus recently started promotin the gt5p bundle a week b4 release and thats usually the normal time the promote something. expect ms to promote the dlc stuff pretty soon. ms will probably have a massive tv campaigne to promote this anyway, which is far more effective that promotin it in stores. also expect sony to promote a gta4 bundle on tv too.

Premonition3849d ago

Why dont you and ToughName get a room together. And stay there.

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THC CELL3849d ago

it will come down to reviews not some rip off contents

Advice for all get a ps3 and Gta cause it will be a smooth ride
warning x box will fail u finishing the game
fact X box service will have u waiting 2 weeks for a repaired console
do ur self a favor get a ps3

i bet people can list what will happen to xbox
after this game lol many will be put to rest and ps3 will be played
till a smooth end of this game

LightningPS33849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Not sure how stores can advertise that, since they aren't selling you that. They're just selling you the disc.

You have to buy that seperate from XBOX live in the fall.

derseb3849d ago

only a few will ever notice that there is this DLC. especially nobody that didnt buy a console by now!

the technically superior ps3 version will sell more consoles.

ravinshield3849d ago

yep "only a few will ever notice that there is this DLC" like you and me but only i will get to play it and not you.hahahahahaha

derseb3848d ago

by the time you are playing and enjoying new missions, i will play new awesome games!

t-0_ot-3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

So, are you saying you won't be playing the Online features of GTa4 then? Because you have other games coming out that you will play instead..? For people that want to play online then the extra content will be just like a new game. If it is in fact a big download. When I first get GTA4 I'm gonna play through the campaign and then start playing online.. by the time the DLC comes out, I'll be more than willing to re-play it.
And, yup, there will be other games that I will be playing, not counting the games I get for PS3, instead of GTA4..

derseb3848d ago

there is no doubt i might also play it, if it would be available on ps3. the question is, WHAT will be available.
how come we can buy the game soon and nobody knows what the DLC will be. nobody buying the game will care about about some unknown content being release some time in the future.
everybody looks forward to stuff with previews, pics and trailers available and decides by that what console to buy!

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