OXM Online: Baja Preview

OXM Online writes: "The tires on Robb Rinard's trophy truck spit dirt and stones as he drifts back and forth down the narrow serpentine trail. Sunlight flashes from a side panel as it tears away from the truck, the bolts that hold it in place spraying across the path like the result of a fist connecting with a toothy grin. Rinard inhales as his truck hits a jump and vaults into the air. The vehicle's 40-plus inches of suspension literally spring into action upon landing, allowing the upper body to juke and jive like a slinky while the tires pull the beast forward.

Rinard exhales and grips his controller tighter. "In a real trophy truck," he says as his thumbs continue to twiddle, "a breathing apparatus helps drivers remember to breathe with the truck's rhythm." Then he laughs. Adrenaline-packed demos comprise everyday duties for Rinard, the man behind high-intensity titles such as MX Unleashed (2004) and currently the chief designer on 2XL Games' forthcoming off-road racer Baja."

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yesah3848d ago

it looks like moterstorm.