MTV: 'GTA IV' Multiplayer Hands-On: Experiencing The Mayhem With Rockstar writes: "For the last several years the most popular way to enjoy "Grand Theft Auto" in groups has been to sit on a couch with friends, taking turns orchestrating and observing mayhem.

On Monday, Rockstar Games reps showed MTV News a new way by offering two hours of hands-on play with several multiplayer modes in "Grand Theft Auto IV." (Read about our previous first-hand experience with the game.)

"For us, it's about how you get those moments that you've always experienced in single-player into multiplayer," Rockstar Vice President of Product Development Jeronimo Barrera told us.

That seems right. These are the kinds of things that happened during our multiplayer session with the M-rated game:"

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poopface13848d ago

I really hope there is an all out deathmatch mode. It could be like the vigalante missions on the old games only your hunting real people who will actually put up a fight and try to outsmart you.

jinn3848d ago

its all about the multiplayer