Battle of the Next-Gen Racer


#2: The Crew
Last time, we saw the wonderment of ‘Need for Speed: Rivals,’ an open-world racer on a grand scale. A fine fit for this new generation of console technology, it’s an example of the extra scope and ambition that can be achieved with this extra layer of technical heft. Even so, a release for the PS3 and Xbox 360 is also impending, which means a ‘stunted’ version alongside. Nuts to that.

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Jaqen_Hghar1903d ago

A man is most impressed by "The Crew" right now

TrollCraftTales1903d ago

I am not a fanboy, I wish good upon both Xbox and PS4, I am personally getting a PS4. I am not offended by your comment, You just make yourself sound like a complete tool...

"Disagree if you are blind and ignorant die hard sony boy, or have a legitimate argument otherwise you are sony sheep"

That is unnecessary to say. Most of what you said is opinion, so it wouldn't make someone blind and ignorant if they disagree. I personally like GT, even though it hasn't gotten a higher score than Forza I personally like it more. A games value is based on the person playing it.

Sales do not by any means dictate a games value, if it was based off of that COD would be the best game and the Wii is the best console... Games are purely opinion.

You can have your own opinions, I will have my own opinions... You don't have to get so angry over it though... Calm down, learn the difference between opinion and fact...

Akuma2K1902d ago

NFS Rivals and The Crew will be to top 2 racing games this next gen...IMO.

The Crew brings an entirely new fresh perspective to the genre and NFS Rivals blends single and multiplayer modes into one without having to go back to the main menu.

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