European Rock Band Tracks Coming To U.S.

Were you drooling over Europe's Rock Band track list, but ultimately happier that you didn't need to buy peripherals separate from the game for an astronomical price? Yeah, Kotaku was too. But MTV Games has confirmed that the UK-exclusive tracks will actually be reaching US Xbox 360s and PS3s through optional DLC. A price, a date and just how the powers that be are going to divide up the 9-track list have yet to be divulged. But Kotaku is betting that gamers will see typical 3-track packs for standard prices.

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gabeh10183849d ago

i can't believe they keep charging for these tracks.

After spending almost $200, it would be nice to have the option to download at least 10 extra tracks for free.

and Activision can go die

spacetoilet3849d ago

If not, I'll never buy this POS.

sa_nick3849d ago

Dude, they already have made a patch and submitted to Sony. Activision (the GH3 crew) have said "screw that, we don't PS users using our guitar unless MTV pays us 50 billion dollars, even though technically, this patch would just give us more stand along guitar sales anyway."

Thats pretty much exactly what they said.

spacetoilet3848d ago

Well, I'm not buying it. Too many great games down the line that I already don't have enough cash for!!! MGS4, GTA4 etc.
Oh well.