GameZone: Persona 3: FES Review

GameZone writes: "There was a time when RPGs evoked emotion. Serious emotion, the kind that fueled blogs, magazines, and message boards. Grown gamers openly weeping, while today's RPGs make me wish I was sleeping. It's been a big change that no doubt stems from the reduction of developers (Working Designs is no more, Square and Enix became one entity, etc.).

Persona 3 was one of the few games that captured the essence of the PSone style of RPG development – story first, gameplay second. The semi-automatic battle system brought it down a few notches, but the character-driven storyline and above average voice acting set the stage for something great. Usually that something has to wait for a sequel. But you won't have to wait for Persona 4 to find out what happens next. Persona 3: FES, an upgraded version of the original, comes packed with an all-new journey that continues the last game's gripping saga."

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Harry1903849d ago

bizzare rpg franchise ever.