Deal of the Day: Metal Gear Solid 4 strategy guide for $20

Why would you pre-order a video game strategy guide when the game isn't even out? Simple -- pictures and words. You won't get the guide until June 12, but you can get it at a heavily discounted price. Amazon usually does this for pre-order items, so get it while the getting's good. Ps3 Fanboy would say that a 200-page booklet for $19.79 is a great deal, especially for those who absolutely love the franchise.

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Hellsvacancy3897d ago

if u need a strategy book u shouldnt play MGS4

Cerberus_Hunter3893d ago

Not if they get it for collection purposes. :p

AlterEgo3897d ago

Gamestop's ships 6/3...while Amazon's ships 6/12

Same price.