Extreme Gamer: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Viking: Battle for Asgard (Viking:BFA) follows the immortal Viking, Skarin as he walks in realm of mortals on a mission from the gods. Viking is an action adventure styled game that could be compared a stripped down version Xbox classic Fable. In appearance and in the flow, Viking:BFA takes the feel of the Fable's world without the role-playing statistics, inventory and items, negative or positive effects of being evil or good. In its place Battle for Asgard gives us Vikings, Norse gods, and a bucket full of brutal and bloody combat to make up an original action/adventure game.

Even with the plot line featuring some strong ideas of death, rebirth and destruction Viking: Battle for Asgard never feels heavy. The developer (The Creative Assembly) casually tells the story of gods fighting over the land of Midgard. Getting into the drama, Viking: Battle for Asgard tells the tale of the daughter of Loki, The Goddess Hel, Odin and Freya, all wrapped in Norse lore. For specifics, Hel has released an army of evil forces that are marching across the land searching out the legend of Ragnarok to destroy the gods. Under command from the Goddess Freya, it's up to Skarin to save mankind and prevent Hel from obtaining her apocalyptic dream. In short, Viking: Battle for Asgard is all action, amplified to involve a ferocious Viking and bunch of bickering female goddesses and a whole lot of dismembered body parts."

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